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Activities and Priorities

How it works. At the start of your computer Reminder appears. It reminds you about future events which beginning is close enough to do something about it. After reading Reminder message you usually switch to Activities and Priorities (AAP). Here, in Input Panel, where activities are arranged in alphabetical order, you enter time that you spent for activities. No need in special efforts to remember the spent time. The natural precision with which you remember time spent for an activity during the day at the end of this day or in the morning of next one is enough. AAP forgives and forgets small errors in spent time. After you have entered spent time, typically you look at Priority panel where activities are arranged according to their priorities. Colors help you quickly distinguish high medium and low priority activities. That is all about typical everyday AAP using. You see how it easy and quickly. But is it useful? Well I guess so. It saved me from the stress when I had to take part in many activities simultaneously and it helped me harmonized my life. Besides Activities are important parts of our life like work, health, and relations with people. If you spent not enough time for an activity or did not do it more or less regularly it can cause a disaster and spoil all your life. AAP is designed to prevent such a situation and help you to keep due proportion between the activities. I believe that the using AAP increase the probability that your life will be happy and successful. So download it and enjoy! In new version AAP Help was significantly revised and extended because as it turned out the AAP idea is new for Personal Information Managers and users prefer to have "what for" introductory information (overview, FAQ) in AAP help rather than read it on Internet. This is a shareware listed under time manager category.

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AAP Reminder (AapRem...

AAP Reminder

AAP Reminder (AapRem) is free program that organizes birthdays, appointments, or any event. Each time you enter Windows, AapRem reminds you of those upcoming events, which current date / time is close enough to do something about it. AapRem supports both one-time events and events that occur periodically e.g. every month, every week, every evening etc (recurring events and custom recurring events). It is very easy to use. To show your notes AapRem uses full screen and wraps long lines so that your notes could be easily seen. At the start it is always on top of all other windows so that you don't miss an important event. Special Reminder Editor and Reminder Item Edit Dialog make it very easy to set the date / time interval when a note should be visible and enter the note itself, as well as to edit or delete a note. AAP Reminder is free (freeware). AAP Reminder license is freeware and it is listed in reminder software.

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