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Automation system for radio stations, clubs, discos, bars, dj parties, sport events and theatrical performances. Simple and easy-to-use interface allows you to start working right after loading the program. Program consists of three parts: Player main module of the program. It accomplishes all standard functions for working with playlists: load, save, erase, insert, drag-and-drop, play, rewind and so on, as well as extended functions: tag editor, built-in explorer, quick search, equalizer, cross-fades, schedule and others. Playlist generator generator of playlists by templates. This is original and powerful tool for creating new playlists in a few seconds. Music base program module for building database for playlist generator and quick search. You will easily scan your hard disk for music files and save them to your music base file. After that you can quick-search through the base, delete, sort tracks, play them and so on. Features: supporting formats: wav, mp3, ogg, wma, indexed music base, second soundcard support, four types of cross-fades, independent pre-listening, silence detector, jingles support, color indication in playlist, profiles support, 12 band equalizer, effects (reverberation, echo, echo 2, flanger 2, dynamp), tempo and pitch bending, converting to mp3 and ogg, notepad (adding text info to tracks), inserting playlists to playlist, loading and playing playlists and files on schedule, two playlists. main (master) and additional (slave), profiles support (different program settings for each user), support of 24 and 32 bit wav files. This is a demo listed under players, radio, dj category.

Keywords: echo 2 playlist generator program module theatrical performances base program playlists band equalizer soundcard support notepad music base flanger program settings fades echo echo program program profiles reverberation ogg converting to mp3 color indication awe mail voice

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