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VectorDraw Professional is a NET and COM-based component for vector graphics. Aiming at enhancing developers' creativity over the graphics environment who desire full programming control. It is also designed for users with a minimum experience in the graphics background. It gives you the ability to customize all messages and dialogs (local language) and provides over 700 methods, properties and events. UNICODE support. VectorDraw Professional is the tool you need to create and easily manage your drawing projects. It is available as Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) format. Graphics Engine VectorDraw Engine Product Details It lets you access, update and create vector graphics. Supports unlimited layouts and viewports. Full support for UCS also named views. Rendering capabilities with material for any element and transparency. Perspective mode and lights. Supports SHX and true type fonts. True scale printing or plotting to any supported device by Windows. Support line types including your own. Support hatching with different patterns even your own. Assign and retrieve extended data to any element. Save and read from memory for manage vector graphics saved in a database. Full support of dimensions. Support object snap, snap, ortho and grid. Basic geometrical functions. Full management of blocks and their attributes. Attach or overlay entire drawings by using external references. Built your own selections with filtering capabilities. Add tooltip and hyperlink to any element. Render or draw to any device. Supports VDF/VDI/VDP/WMF/EMF and XML vector formats. Events for customization of rendering. Also keyboard and mouse actions. Linear and angular units. Includes A free 2D/3D drawing editor ( VectorCAD ) so you can open and modify your drawings. On-Line Help. Examples in Visual Basic, C++, C# and Delphi. Designed for all ActiveX containers. VectorDraw Developer Framework is a development tools software.

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