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IGA is a virtual net...


IGA is a virtual network - for meeting and playing with real people from all over the world. ICQ client fully functionally ICQ protocol (ICQ 2001). (Message, Info, MultyUsers, Load ICQ database, show User IP and more). IRC client with searching IRC Channels. Email client (send and receive Email). MP3 Player - for play mp3, wav files, PlayList, equalizer. FTP/HTTP download manager - selecting download speed. IGA Games: Changer, Flyball, Backgammon, Balls, Scrabble, Chess. Live smiles in IGA messages. Popular WEB Chats. This miscellaneous software is listed under ,chat.

Keywords: equalizer email client send and receive mp3 player smiles load icq wav files irc channels balls playlist chess flyball download speed real people irc client scrabble mp3 wav protocol web chats backgammon dvd drive network directories

BubbleClock are anal...


BubbleClock are analog clocks and reminder with semitransparent effect (only Windows 2000/XP). Various kinds of clock skins. Synchronization your computer clock via the Internet NIST Internet Time Service of National Institute of Standards and Technology USA. Map of time zones with the indication of current time in each time zone (country).Various types of alarm. clock, calendar, reminders shareware listed in clock, calendar, reminders section.

Keywords: skins national institute of standards and technology time zones nist analog clocks current time map time service reminder time zone computer clock internet time technology usa windows 2000 xp deposit money left mouse button

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