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User Database - mana...

User Database

User Database - manage your software sales simply. Key features include: Robust RSA key generation. Sales tracking with at-a-glance stats. Import your existing data via CSV. Export to a wide variety of formats like: HTML, XML, XLS, MDB, DBF, PDF, OTL, Lotus and PalmOS databases. Easily create templates with a simple scripting language and then email a selected group with the built-in mailer great for announcements and newsletters. Need a custom solution? No problem you can create plugins supporting virtually any language like: C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, Perl, Java Script, VBScript and batch files and we've provided several examples to help get you started. There's even bug tracking tools included. Download your evaluation today. User Database license is shareware and it is listed in business, programming software.

Keywords: software sales software sales database e-commerce order tracking sales tracking bug tracking database email newsletters scripting manage sales simply smtp mailer key generation import plugins mime types

Link Warrior is a ut...

Link Warrior

Link Warrior is a utility that crawls a list of URLs looking for a phrase you specify. With Link Warrior you can: Gather intelligence rapidly, Easily validate reciprocal links, Monitor your competitors, Auto generate reports in HTML, CSV and TXT formats, Save time. This is a shareware listed under utilities, system, tools category.

Keywords: crawler spider robot intelligence reciprocal links validate report url command line link warrior crawls list urls looking phrase specify foot prints

Database with clipbo...


Database with clipboard monitor, drag and drop. Great for tech support/faq's, Catalog your snippets, Search function for easy recall, Easily export your notes to file. 3x5 is a shareware categorized under database, tools,clipboard tools.

Keywords: clipboard database snippets pim monitor drag drop corporate logo

Sigblaster is a free...


Sigblaster is a free tool for your email/news client that randomly selects a signature from it's database. Every post you make to a newsgroup or discussion list will carry your message to thousands of people that read it giving a potential customer the opportunity to visit your site by clicking a hyperlink in your signature. Download your free copy today. email freeware listed in email section.

Keywords: signature email e-commerce news marketing promotion sigblaster client thats rotates signatures bit development

Mr. Blackwell is a u...

Mr. Blackwell

Mr. Blackwell is a utility that transparently logs key information when a tracked file is run. This data contains: The users login name, The current date, The current time, The file name (and arguments if any). Its purpose is to equip administrators with a simple history mechanism and provide a record of accountability. Mr. Blackwell license is freeware and it is listed in misc, tools, system software.

Keywords: log system mr blackwell transparently logs key information tracked creative menu

STASH is a minimal, ...


STASH is a minimal, console only, utility for managing small fragments of text like phone numbers, bookmarks, email addresses from the command line. STASH considers 1 line equal to 1 record. tools, misc freeware listed in tools, misc section.

Keywords: command line database minimal console managing bookmarks email addresses best graphics

VDRIVE is a console ...


VDRIVE is a console based utility which substitutes a virtual drive letter for a valid path designation. A handy tool for situations like: Placing commonly used documents in an easily accessible place. Forcing programs that employ obnoxious paths to use a virtual drive you've chosen. Storing files on a particular drive without the need to repartition your physical drives. A common virtual drive for shared resources when serving data via. VDRIVE is a shareware categorized under system, tools tools.

Keywords: virtual drive emulation emulator system command line nt 2ooo xp random number generators

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