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Video Framer

This utility is a very useful software tool for PC Windows, allowing the user to extract, enhance and print high quality optimized photographs from a recorded video file - all done quickly and conveniently. Its a fun filled way of adding video memories to a photo album, or to easily create exceptional photo collages. Includes WYSIWYG style print preview, with the ability to fit images within specified number of rows and columns per page. This shareware is archived under print utility, video frame capture, digital photography category.

video framer multiple images useful software

ProxyWay Pro anonymous surfing

Proxy surfing software which you can use together with different web applications. Includes proxy management system: proxy finder (find proxies HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS), proxy checker (check proxy list/proxies checking), proxy manager (makes proxy chains/cascades). You can hide/change IP address, change User-Agent, Referrer field, clean Internet history, delete cookies, Temporary Internet files, block ads, popups, manage cookies.

anonymous proxy surfing current service check proxy

analyzer recording

AVI recorder, capturing an image from any window, recording under condition of a modification of an image. Plus - write time of a frame mapped in titles of a videoclip. Using whenever possible DDRAW hardware. This shareware is archived under pentium iii, 3d video card 8mb directdraw full compatible. category.

avi recorder videoclip

Instant Quote Professional

This office software is a feature rich software application designed for any business that requires quotes and invoices, allowing you to easily create quotes and invoices in seconds! Supports US, UK, Canadian, VAT and Australian GST systems. Features include quote, invoice, Excel-based Quote/Invoice with formulas, Bill of Sale and proposal generation as well as inventory control, serial number tracking, Job tracking. This business shareware Instant Quote Professional is categorized under miss. information databases, database, vertical markets.

bill of sale purchase agreements software application

Space Effect

The Space Effect processes audio, such as drums, guitars, external synthesizers or soft synths. Many parameters can be controlled by the built-in analog style sequencer. For example, the resonator can be swept with an LFO that has a random shape. Or the sequencer can control the filter cutoff or the filter resonance. Space Effect is a shareware software filed under multimedia, plugins, vst, audio, sound, music utilities.

drums filter cutoff sequencer

Pibio Organizer

Pibio is a skinnable, easy-to-use and fully customizable Personal Information Manager. You can customize it however you like. It comes with many skins. It is designed to keep track and remind you of important events before they occur. Pibio has Daily, Weekly and Monthly views to let you make your plans easily. Track all of your meetings, anniversaries, holidays, birthdays or any scheduled event in a well designed user friendly interface. This shareware is archived under business pims, calendars category.

personal information manager anniversaries adress book

DMT SQL Block Monitor

This office software is a blocking and deadlocks monitor tool for Microsoft SQL Server. Product empowers users with a historical blocked events of every unique individual piece of SQL involved in blocking. Enables you to know exactly what SQL is causing the blocked process phenomena. This business shareware DMT SQL Block Monitor is categorized under business databases, tools.

microsoft microsoft sql server server product


Don your battle armor and explore the caves of a distant planet. Find your stolen ship part so you may return home! Dunjax is a shareware software filed under games, entertainment action utilities.

battle armor distant planet caves

Windows Std Serial Comm Lib for PowerBASIC

MarshallSoft PowerBASIC serial communication component library for serial port communications. Controls multiple ports simultaneously, is fully thread safe, includes 16-bit and 32-bit DLL's, works with PB/CC, PB/DLL and PB/WIN. Does not depend on support libraries. Makes calls to Windows API functions only. Can be used with any language that can call the Windows API. Includes 32 functions plus modem control, and ASCII/XMODEM/YMODEM protocols. This shareware is archived under components, libraries category.

visual c visual dbase evaluation version


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