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Easy tool for split, join and convert video

Videocharge Full is developed or distributed by Videocharge software and is licensed as shareware. Easy tool for split, join and convert video, make snapshots, add watermarks. VideoCharge is the best tool for stream processing of Video, Audio and Image files including without re-compression mode! This product can in fact by 100% cover the requirements of common users as well as users who are engaged in professional video processing. At the same tine all operations can be performed simply (using expanded capabilities of the Editor and Wizard), quickly (since one can process a lot of files at once) and flexibly (using a broad set of properties, which allows to adjust the application's work to any requirements). VideoCharge supports all basic video, audio and image formats, allows to work with DVD and can be used for copying DVD disks, working with VOB and IFO files. It includes a multifunctional split mechanism that enables splitting a movie by time, by size, by scenes (analysing motion vector in every scene), into equal parts; splitting a movie's part rather than a whole movie is possible as well. The application allows to delete and extract the necessary scenes from a film, join a few films into a single one; possibility to create thumbnails for every produced film (out of the first or specified frame) makes it indispensable for creation of web galleries. Videocharge also allows to preview movies (in order to choose an appropriate frame for thumbnail's creation), put watermark over a thumbnail or produced movie (image or text - can be dynamic, that is depend e.g. on the movie's name); putting a watermark on a movie's span rather than a whole movie ...

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