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<b>ListWizard</b> is a...


ListWizard is a simple-to-use mailing list manager. Lists can be configured as simple distribution lists or full-featured mailing lists. There is no limit to the number of lists or members that can be managed. The program is simple to use yet has many advanced features like subscription verification, password protection, list moderation, feature to ban selected members etc. In addition, all response messages can be customized to suit your own taste or language.

Main Features:

  • unlimited lists and unlimited list members
  • import and export member list
  • specify more than one moderator
  • ban selected members from posting
  • use as distribution list only or a full-feature mailing list
  • allow users to subscribe or unsubscribe themselves
  • subscribe verification feature
  • password protection for message posts
  • lists can be moderated
  • messages can be posted using Bcc or individually
  • unauthorized or error messages can be forwarded to specified address
  • fully customizable response messages
  • post messages from within the program or from your regular mail client
  • remote admin
  • and much more ...
. mailing lists shareware listed in mailing lists section.

Keywords: mailing list manager distribution moderated password-protected auto-subscribe simple-to-use mailing list manager advanced features data backups

<b>Picture2Web</b> is ...


Picture2Web is an application for creating a web picture gallery. Image formats supported are jpeg, gif, bmp and png. The program is simple enough for the novice and requires only a single click to create a professional-looking gallery in seconds, yet provides total flexibility for the more demanding webmaster. You can choose from 12 different layouts, or even design your own custom layout, to give your gallery that special look. Advanced features include a built-in banner rotation engine which allows you to have unlimited banners in unlimited banner banks for random display in any part of the document.

Main features:

  • single click solution for creating a gallery
  • no limit to number of galleries
  • support for jpeg, gif and bmp images
  • choose from 12 layouts for thumbnails or design your own
  • option for extra text (including META tags and JavaScript)
  • full control over html colors
  • thumbnails can be linked to html pages or directly to images
  • select (or not) which navigation bars to show
  • full control for navigation buttons
  • convert all non-jpeg images to jpeg format with one click
  • resize all large images with one click
  • built-in JavaScript banner rotation engine
  • backup and restore functionality
. Picture2Web license is shareware and it is listed in web authoring, graphics software.

Keywords: web picture gallery creator picture2web pic2web image2web provides single click solution creating picture gallery group documents

V-CamShow is a free we...


V-CamShow is a free webcam slide show and screen saver. It enables you to watch your favourite webcams as a slide show or a screen saver. There is no limit to the number of webcams you can view. New webcams are added regularly which can be imported into your list. You can also add your own webcam to the list and increase your viewers. V-CamShow employs an intelligent algorithm to auto-detect and auto-adjust the refresh rate - this will work for most, though not all, cams. This prevents you from downloading the same image over and over again. It can also detect slow or inactive cams and, depending on your choice, can either reduce their refresh rate or disable them completely, all done automatically. You can also set operation times for each cam individually so you can have different cams enabled at different times of the day - very useful if you are watching cams from different parts of the world. This screen savers software is listed under graphics, internet, webcam utils.

Keywords: v-camshow webcam slide show screen saver slide show screen saver limit number webcams automatic mode

<b>EyeOnSite</b> is a ...


EyeOnSite is a tool that keeps an eye on your sites or servers to see if they are accessible on the net. The services that can be monitored are http, ftp, smtp and pop3. When a service goes down, you can choose to be alerted with a visual message or an audible alarm. In addition, you can launch an application which can be used to correct the situation or send a message to someone. All error events are logged in individual log files and stats generated for each service. The status window shows the current state of all monitored services.

Main Features:

  • Visual and audible alerts.
  • Launch an application when a service goes on or comes off error.
  • Individual log files and stats for each service monitored.
  • Customizable polling interval.
  • Set a different poll interval when a service goes on error.
  • Services supported: http, ftp, smtp, pop3.
  • Pattern matching support for http.
  • Support for http proxy
  • Support for multi-domained web sites.
. This internet software is listed under connectivity.

Keywords: site connectivity monitor service servers http ftp smtp pop3 connectivity site-watcher keep eye make sure accessible visitors player mode

V-Mailer is 32-bit com...


V-Mailer is 32-bit command-line and batch mailer and supports SMTP authentication. It is a console application, which means that it can only be run from the DOS prompt or from inside a batch file. It will send a message to any single email address. This is a freeware listed under email category.

Keywords: 32-bit command-line mailer email smtp batch console smtp authentication 32-bit command-line mailer authentication shareaza

<b>Virdi Advanced Mail...

Virdi Advanced Mail Processor (VAMP)

Virdi Advanced Mail Processor (VAMP) is an advanced and very versatile mail processor. Its main purpose is to pre-process that mail which requires standard responses. It can also be used to extract and collate data from the message body and is ideal for processing messages where the text layout is known (e.g. web forms). Messages can be filtered on any of the header fields (or a combination of them). Additional fields (including X-headers) can be added to the filtering process if required. Data extracted from the message body can be written to a file or used to compose an outgoing message. Responses possible include, forwarding the message, sending a new message (with or without an attachment) and deleting the message. You can also run an external program to process the incoming message. In addition it will also reject or accept mail from specified addresses, domains etc. It now allows you to remotely run applications on your system by sending an email message.

Main Features:
  • support for unlimited number of mailboxes.
  • talks directly to pop3 server.
  • Accept list for unconditional mail acceptance from trusted parties.
  • Reject list for unconditional mail rejection from blacklisted parties.
  • Rejected messages can be bounced, forwarded and/or deleted.
  • Filter on any field, size, entire header or body content.
  • Simple logical 'AND' and 'OR' operation for filters.
  • Filter actions include forwarding, deleting, text extraction and launching external program.
  • Extracted text can be used to compose an outgoing message or saved to a file.
  • Append a text file and/or an attachment to outgoing messages.
  • Remotely run applications on your system by sending an email message.
  • Associate sounds with any filter.
  • Audible new mail alert, or launch program.
  • Backup, restore and cleanup features.
  • Interactive mode for a manual peek at your messages. This is a shareware listed under email category.

    Keywords: vamp advanced mail processor autoresponder spam filter auto-reply mail alerts advanced mail processor spam-filter system template

<b>V-Scheduler</b> is ...


V-Scheduler is a reminder and application launcher designed with total flexibility in mind. It consists of a highly intuitive user-interface and is extremely easy to configure. There is no limit to the number of schedules that can be programmed. Each schedule can have a unique sound linked to it so you know instantly when the time comes. In addition to the schedules you also have a small footprint clock which can sit anywhere on your desktop. The time and date format can be set to your own preferences. You can also automatically synchronize your system clock with any time server on the net. This means you never have to worry about your clock being wrong ever again. Main Features:

  • unlimited number of schedules
  • pop up a reminder message or launch an application
  • repeat reminders at regular intervals between first and final times
  • repeat whole cycle at user-defined intervals (days, months, years etc.)
  • synchronize system time with net time server
  • associate sound with schedules either individually or globally
  • log all scheduler events
  • automatically perform housekeeping tasks e.g. delete expired schedules
  • small footprint clock or run in system tray only
  • set your own date and time format
  • customize many aspects of display
  • configuration and schedules backup and restore functionality
. V-Scheduler license is shareware and it is listed in schedulers software.

Keywords: v-scheduler scheduler program launcher message reminder reminder launcher highly intuitive user-interface predict future


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