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Virtual BassLine

New version of this popular bass line for musicians and DJs that needs versatility in their live sessions. If you are a DJ or a musician that improvise at live and like to enjoy your public, lets play your compositions while you control resonance, cutoff and the rest of parameters until give your songs all their power. With this new version you already can use your MIDI controler to modify all the synthesizer parameters while you play the song in the secuencer. And donīt worry about the performance, in this version all its sound engine is remade so it uses less PC resources even than previous versions. Is interface was updated with new controls, in its standalone version and in its VST plugin. This version continues allowing its personalization to your taste with its ease skin sistem. Download it free and enjoy its sound !!! This audio software is listed under audio synthesizers.

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MyDrums is a percuss...


MyDrums is a percussion synthesizer than combines samples and analog synthesis to produce a real drums sound without need another expensive sound software. MyDrums can add reverberation effects to give more realism and place sensation to the sound and. You can personalize its look with its skin system. A lot of controls for instrument, filter and distortion. Ease to use, low CPU usage, integrated secuencer and external MIDI control. Real time recording in wav and raw format. All of this makes MyDrums an indispensable software in your studio. MyDrums is a shareware categorized under audio, multimedia music composers tools.

Keywords: midi control synthesizer realism skin system real time cpu usage external midi sensation reverberation combines raw format distortion real drums percussion sound software analog synthesis hi fi dialect

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