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Discover the secrets of Arithmetiles. Create as many Arithmetile combinations as possible before time runs out. Beat the clock and advance to an entirely different puzzle. Power Players can choose between Timed and Untimed games and play over 100 puzzle levels. This is a freeware listed under games, entertainment arcade category.

Keywords: web games arcade fullscreen mode

Easy Tab Maker Pro all...

Easy Tab Maker Pro

Easy Tab Maker Pro allows you to plug your guitar into your computer. While you play Easy Tab Maker Pro analyzes the pitch and tone of the signal transmitted from your guitar. It monitors the change and combination of the chords played. Then it analyzes the pitch and tone to determine which strings were played and where your fingers were at. Easy Tab Maker Pro then graphs the results as tablature. Easy Tab Maker Pro is a audio software.

Keywords: tabs tab tablature tableture guitar bass make create mp3 wav midi converter tabbing writes simply play records event sounds

President George W. Bu...

White House Joust

President George W. Bush wants another 4 years and Senator John Kerry and his crew are pushing for Anything But Bush. So pick your candidate and let's see who will win the White House Joust! Unlike the Washington Lobbyist, who control their political figures with money, you control these candidates with your keyboard. games, entertainment arcade freeware listed in games, entertainment arcade section.

Keywords: web games arcade language dictionaries

Secretary Organizer al...

Secretary Organizer

Secretary Organizer allows you to easily manage your daily, weekly and monthly tasks in a easy-to-use, user friendly desktop application. Secretary Organizer is the only task management solution you will ever need to use! utilities miscellaneous freeware listed in utilities miscellaneous section.

Keywords: schedule secretary organizer manage allows easily daily weekly monthly tasks one ms money

Desktop Doodle is a de...

Desktop Doodle

Desktop Doodle is a desktop utility designed to help you to express yourself with absolute freedom. Enhanced features allow users to easily send quick drawing, to anyone, via the Internet. desktopDoodle provides a higher level of communication between people without having to use everyday practical tools such as pens, papers or complicated drawing applications. This miscellaneous software is listed under internet tools, utilities,utilities miscellaneous.

Keywords: desktop desktopdoodle doodle allows draw chat real time friends online fun tiled background

Give your browser a cu...

Pc Skins

Give your browser a custom look with PCSKINS - desktop application that that allows you to easily skin your Internet browsers including your email clients. Choose from a variety of colorful images and themes. Pc Skins license is freeware and it is listed in internet browsers,internet browser utilities,internet miscellaneous,utilities miscellaneous,multimedia and design miscellaneous software.

Keywords: skin browser explorer skinner allows easily browsers including email clients wallpaper maker

Race against the clock...

Jigsaw Palace Guard

Race against the clock and other internet puzzle masters as you try to put together a picture of the Palace Guards as quickly as possible. This games software is listed under games, entertainment arcade.

Keywords: free games arcade auction bid


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