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Boogy Chat is not ju...

Boogy Chat

Boogy Chat is not just a chat for local networks. This chat was and is still being designed with the only objective, namely, to have a pleasure from the talk. Main Options: Common chat. Private talk. Talk to several users simultaneously (group talk). A convenient list of users adjustable to your preferences. The possibility to ignore both individual users and groups. Messages may contain not only graphical images (smilies), but also animation. Auto-reply (adjustable to your preferences). Rich opportunities for adjustment of your own profile (additional information about the user) and viewing of profiles of other users in the chat. The possibility to minimize the chat. You will be informed about incoming messages. Audio notices of events. Operation of the chat without a special program on the server. A convenient and simple to use interface; a detailed description of the program. Multilingual support. Boogy Chat is intended to talk with pleasure! Boogy Chat - communicate with pleasure! Boogy Chat is a internet software.

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Alive Task Manager i...

Alive Task Manager

Alive Task Manager is a simple and efficient tool for the planning of diverse tasks. It can be used to generate and view a personal time-table, remind about particular events, create repeated tasks, establish rules for postponement of tasks, etc. The support of a tree-type structure of tasks facilitates allocation of tasks with corresponding attributes. A variety of folders (for example, business, personal, employees, etc.) can be created for placement of relevant tasks. A special folder "All Tasks" displays all tasks created in Alive Task Manager. This feature is very convenient for searching and viewing. Each task in Alive Task Manager is arranged such that all information about a task is placed on a separate tab: 1. Summary - consolidated information about a task. It displays general information, such as the header, start date and time, completion date and time, notes. 2. Main - basic information about a task, such as task title, start date and time, completion date and time, priority and state. 3. Additional - an indispensable tab for a more detailed task description. It contains the following fields: task completion percentage, completion period, actual time spent, expenditures, type of restriction, web resources, and contacts. 4. Executives - these are tasks, for which a person in charge and one or several executives are assigned. All relevant information can be written on this tab. 5. Comprehensive information about a task can be entered in notes. Alive Task Manager offers the widest opportunities for reminding you about tasks and controlling the progress of their fulfillment. Any task in the program can be preset so that the reminder window is displayed at the desired moment. Using Alive Task Manager not just greatly improves labor discipline, but also increases labor efficiency. office applications calendar and scheduling,business, finance office tools,business, finance pims, organizers,business, finance project management,home, hobby calendars, planners shareware listed in office applications calendar and scheduling,business, finance office tools,business, finance pims, organizers,business, finance project management,home, hobby calendars, planners section.

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Alive Address Book i...

Alive Address Book

Alive Address Book is a sterling electronic address book. Alive Address Book largely outperforms other similar programs. The program supports the tree-type structure of the contact list. It allows you to adjust the display and offers the options of searching, adding, changing or copying various contacts. Each entry in Alive Address Book has over 50 different fields ensuring the most comprehensive description of the contact. If any desired field is missing, information can be added to the Remarks field. The export/import feature greatly facilitates data transfer. The synchronization option is useful, for example, when the contact book is synchronized between a notebook and a desktop computer. Each contact in Alive Address Book represents a document, which is rich in strictly organized information. All fields are grouped into tabs. This feature is very convenient for retrieval and viewing contact information: Summary - contains only brief information about a contact. This is very convenient for quick viewing. General - contains general information about a contact. Home - contains personal information about a contact. Business - contains information about the place of employment. All fields - allows viewing and changing contents of all fields or only entered/empty fields. This is very convenient if you need to look through full information about a contact on "one sheet". Remarks - if you need to write unique information or a textual note about a contact, you may use this tab. The amount of information, which can be written for one contact is huge indeed and, if you actively use the Remarks tab, is actually boundless. The use of the search feature of Alive Address Book and the creation of the tree of contacts makes it easy and pleasant to handle this abundant information. Handy and accessible interface ensures quick mastery and full use of program features. office applications calendar and scheduling shareware listed in office applications calendar and scheduling section.

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