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Software that is the perfect English language reference tool for songwriters, poets, marketers, and anyone who needs to find rhyme words, synonyms, definitions, similar sounding words, or words based on their stress patterns, and more. Education shareware Rhymesaurus is listed in education dictionaries tools.

rhymesaurus wordsmiths language reference


This tool is a Windows scripting extension for testing, monitoring and automation purposes, like response timing, up-timing, functional testing, stress testing, health monitoring, task automation. This shareware is archived under automation category.

automation scripts processing time windows application


Software that is designed to protect employees and employers from the loss of productivity and healthcare costs associated with repetitive stress injuries (RSI). The software monitors PC users, advises for breaks and alerts those at high risk of RSI. This miscellaneous shareware workSafe is categorized under business office suites, tools.

rsi repetitive stress injuries pc users


HeavyLoad is a benchmark tool that stress all resources of a PC (like CPU, RAM, harddisk, network, operating system, etc.). This utilities freeware Heavyload is categorized under system utilities benchmarking.

harddisk temp folder network operating system

Webserver Stress Tool

simulates any number of simultaneous users accessing a webserver. Just select the URLs of your server or web application, choose the number of users and you are told how long your customers have to wait when visiting your website. Supports SSL! Webserver Stress Tool is licensed as shareware and filed in server testing, server tools, network administration section.

web infrastructure web application server resources

Stress Management

This Stress therapy shareware version can be upgraded to the full version for $35 payment to PayPal. Begin the therapy now with this two week trial version. Computer Home therapy has made the PC into an excellent tool for therapy. This education shareware Stress Management is categorized under health, self-help.

paypal shareware version visual stimulation


Fractals generator.Demo (Save in BMP disabled) Vieiewing of bewitching images of fractal Julia easily received in program JFPCreator removes a stress and improves mood. This home/hobby shareware JFPCreator is categorized under graphics.

fractal julia fractal structures demo

PopUp Buster+

Don't allow all those annoying pop-ups drive you crazy. Reduce your stress by installing the PopUp Buster+. Not only does it kill pop-ups and pop-unders, it can remove banners thus accelerating your browsing. Internet freeware PopUp Buster+ is listed in network, internet ad blockers tools.

annoying pop ups peace of mind pop unders

Network Traffic Generator and Monitor

The Network and Traffic Generator and Monitor was designed to generate and monitor IP/ICMP/TCP/UDP traffic from clients to servers to stress test routers,. This demo is archived under network, internet other category.

traffic generator world applications real world

Break Pal Cardio

Avoid the desk job body. Stay in shape right at your desk. Break Pal teaches a new soft style exercise every 30 minutes to keep you in shape, healthy, and productive. Stay stress free and in shape with Break Pal. Break Pal Cardio is licensed as demo and filed in desktop other section.

pace few minutes exercise


To be effective you must think and act effectively. TimeMAX, the software runs on Pocket PC to help you to evaluate; analyze; discover the most important to you and fine tune your acts every day, at every where.

Albion StopNow!

Taking regular breaks to avoid RSI problems can be hard without help. Albion StopNow! monitors your computer and gives you a discreet reminder if it finds that you have worked for too long without taking that necessary break. This business shareware Albion StopNow! is categorized under health, rsi prevention, desktop utilities.

100 Happy Dollars 3D

Still cannot afford to have high dollars? Well at least now you can fill your computer up instead with them. Pretty fun to watch as your computer makes cool dollars with very soothing underwater effects. Well worth the money! 100 Happy Dollars 3D is a shareware software filed under 3d screen savers utilities.

Dacris Benchmarks

This utility is a program that tests, compares, and optimizes your system. Version 5.0 is an exciting new upgrade to this benchmarking program. It has been completely rebuilt for stability and simplicity. This shareware is archived under diagnostics, benchmarks, system utilities, system maintenance category.

Tank-o-Box Macintosh Edition

Tank-o-Box is a new action-packed remake of a classic arcade battle tank game. Destroy all enemy panzers and defend your headquarters. Modern 3D graphics and sound guarantee the ultimate battle-tanking experience. 50+ levels. This shareware is archived under games, entertainment arcade category.

Internet Macros Web Recorder

Automate web tasks: Data upload, image download, online marketing, click links and test web sites. Browsing, form filling, clicking, Flash, Java and data extraction can be recorded into an Internet macro. Supports batch files andVBS (WSH) scripts. Internet Macros Web Recorder is a shareware software filed under programming online apps, web authoring page statistics, web authoring web promotions, web surfing activex controls, web surfing browser utilities, web surfing form tools utilities.

Shell Whirl

A beautiful beach themed matching game with a totally new spin! Give it a Whirl! Experience four unique games with soothing animations, and beautiful island graphics. Enjoy over 100 levels of fun, addictive game play. Games demo Shell Whirl is listed in games, entertainment puzzle, word games tools.

Power Mad

Wage war against Osama Bin Lama and a host of other political leaders. In the tradition of classic strategy games like Nuclear War and board games like Risk comes Power Mad, an easy to learn, yet tough to master game right out of todays headlines.

ManageEngine QEngine

Automated Testing Tool for Functional Testing,Performance Testing,Load Testing,Stress Testing,Web Services Testing,Server Performance Monitoring & Regression Testing to run tests from command line for all test types. ManageEngine QEngine is licensed as commercial and filed in development other section.

True Study Skills II

Practice inquiry learning and metacognitive skills. Knowledge and Judgment. Write, review, game and test at five levels of thinking. Instructions and sample data are built in. Students author report/review test bank files. Convert to class tests. True Study Skills II is licensed as freeware and filed in teacher tools, study skills, inquiry learning, metacognitive skills, knowledge, judgment section.

GRAPE GBW32 v4.0

GBW32 v4.0 is a 32 bit Windows 95/98/NT 3D Finite Element program that uses standard third order beam and truss elements to model a wide range of Civil and Mechanical structures. GBW32 v4.0 is available for download. Registration is $189.95 US. GRAPE GBW32 v4.0 is a shareware software filed under engineering, mechanical and civil utilities.

Magic Balls

This game is a new brain-teaser for all puzzle lovers. Your objective is to swap the balls to line up three of the same color. They explode, you score. The gameplay may seem simple at first, but in a couple of minutes it becomes very addictive. This shareware is archived under games, entertainment puzzle, word games category.


This internet software is a shareware server instant messaging software for Windows that works in your LAN on Internet. This freeware is archived under communications chat, instant messaging category.

My Personal Diary

Software that lets anyone keep a private diary, journal or log for personal or business use, but that's not all... Entries are stored in an encrypted file with optional password protection. This miscellaneous shareware My Personal Diary is categorized under diary, journal, log, pim, todo, security, notes, address.


Software that is an innovative ergonomic tool which requires no user input and analyses user real-time work patterns. Once an extended period of activity on the workstation has been detected by ErgoSense, the user is then provided with the set. Home/hobby shareware ErgoSense is listed in home, hobby health, nutrition tools.

Break Time

New OOS and RSI Prevention Software. Break Time tells you when you should take a break. Transparent information window appears level on account of your weariness. The program keeps track of the time you spend on the computer. Break Time is licensed as shareware and filed in ergonomics section.

100 Happy Money Screensaver

Money Screensaver brings the irresistible realism of cool money to your Windows desktop instantly. Beautiful graphics and sound effects let you watch currency dance across the screen of your office computer, laptop or wide-screen TV. This shareware is archived under system utilities screensavers, 3d screensavers category.

Engineering Power Tools

ENGINEERING POWER TOOLS solves a wide variety of common engineering problems quickly and easily. Over 70 programs and data tables integrated into one easy-to-use package. Categories include Math, HVAC, Mechanical, Electrical, Materials & Structural. Engineering Power Tools is licensed as shareware and filed in business math, scientific tools section.

Align It! Christmas Edition

Enjoy a Christmas game with two nice seasonal background graphics. Try to survive as long as possible by aligning five or more christmas symbols of the same color into a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row. Align It! Christmas Edition is a shareware software filed under puzzle game, mind game, board game, strategy game, network game, utilities.

JBlitz Professional

Load, performance and functional testing for websites and web applications. JBlitz gives you continuous heavy loading and automated response validation. Fully featured with logging, graphs, stats, scheduling, HTTP debugger etc. Full Java API. JBlitz Professional is licensed as shareware and filed in system utilities benchmarking section.

Agnitum Spam Terrier

Easy-to-use antispam product that integrates into existing email clients. Filters emails based on a number of criteria, such as senders' whitelists/blacklists, message content and other. Incorporates Bayesian filtering for automated detection of spa. This internet freeware Agnitum Spam Terrier is categorized under security, privacy anti-spam, anti-spy tools.

MITCalc - Buckling Calculation

Calculation of the optimum cross-section of slender struts strained for buckling and strength check calculation according to Johnson, Tetmajer, Euler and Secant method. Simple definition of the strut type - 40 types of predefined cross sections.

MB Free Subliminal Message Software

Software that is an advanced subliminal message-displaying program. This software reaches out to the subconscious mind and sends positive affirmations to the mind, thus helping you develop a positive mindset. MB Free Subliminal Message Software is licensed as freeware and filed in utility section.


This game is a puzzle game for everyone, from busy professionals with a minute of free time, to dedicated gamers who create extra hours to challenge their personal best scores. You're in control to choose the game that fits your own personal style. Swap is a shareware software filed under puzzle utilities.

Dance Sisters

When you can not distinguish between virtual reality and reality, when computer-assisted dreams are more real than real life, when your cult leader answers every question you may have, then the real world becomes the dreamworld and your friends ... Dance Sisters is a demo software filed under ebook, literature utilities.

Palm Wargasm

This software is a new action-packed remake of the classic arcade battle tank game. We hope you will enjoy playing this game so much as we did creating it! shareware Palm Wargasm is listed in games, entertainment arcade tools.


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