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Just Stuff 2.1 is an a...

Just Stuff

Just Stuff 2.1 is an assortment of simply and useful utilities combined into a one application. Clipboard to Upper/Lower/Proper Case Click on the Clipboard to Upper Case and the text in the Clipboard is set to upper case. Click it again and it is set to Lower Case. Click it again and it is set to Proper Case. Count Lines in Clipboard Click the Count Lines button. It counts the number of lines in you clipboard. If you click the exclude blank lines check box, it will not count the blank lines. Email Setup - Enter Exchange Server name in text box labeled Exchange Server. Enter Exchange Account name in text box labeled Exchange Account. Then Enter in Email Subject, Message. Find ASCII Value - Enter Character in Text Box on the left and ASCII value is displayed in the Text Box on the right -Enter Numeric value between 0 - 255 in Text Box on the right and the Character value is Displayed in the Text Box on the left Find String Length Enter or Paste string into Text box. The length of the string is displayed in next to String Length: label. Move cursor thought string using arrow keys or the mouse, and the current Cursor Position length from the begging of the string is displayed next to the Cursor Position: Label -Find Value in Database - Find Value in Database will find one or all instances of a value in a database. It searches the entire database for the value specified in the search string text box. To use Find Value in Database enter in the server name into the text box labeled Server. Enter a Database name in the text box labeled Database. Enter a user name into the text box labeled in User Name and a password in the text box labeled Password. You can leave the User Name and Password text boxes blank if authentication is not required. Then Enter in a value you would like to search for in the Search String text box. If you would like to check the system tables check the check box labeled Check Systems and if you would like to fi. Just Stuff is a utilities software.

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Post it Note Software ...

Post it Note Genie

Post it Note Software lets you write notes and post them to you computer monitor, the notes are automatically saved as you type them. Note options can be reached by right clicking on a note, Post Note Genie 2.1 Enables Notes to Stay On Top. It will also display all notes on startup. No more forgetting to save a Phone number you typed in notepad. Click the New Note Button for a new note, couldn't be much easier then that. Click the Get Note Button to get an old note. Options lets you set the default size of each new window. writting shareware listed in writting section.

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Key Mouse Genie lets y...

Key Mouse Genie

Key Mouse Genie lets you control your mouse using your keyboard. Enables you to move the mouse, send left clicks, right clicks and double clicks. Key Mouse Genie license is shareware and it is listed in keyboard and mouse software.

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Multiple Database Quer...

Multiple Database Query Analyzer

Multiple Database Query Analyzer 2.1 supports qurries with diffrent types of databases. It supports Sql, Access, Oracle, MySql. It lets you have diffrent profiles to store data, also has options to hold querrys and export data. This is a shareware listed under database category.

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This program can read ...

Number Boy

This program can read your mind(well sort of) Think of a Number between 1 - 25 , Double the Number your thinking of etc, it will guess the number. (online). Number Boy is a freeware categorized under misc tools.

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Picture Puzzle 1.2 Thi...

Picture Puzzle Wizard

Picture Puzzle 1.2 This is Just a basic Game where you have to move around the pieces of the puzzle and try to put them in order. The games is simple free an fun. Try it out. You change the picture to another bit map .bmp. Picture Puzzle Wizard license is freeware and it is listed in puzzle software.

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If you want to stop th...

The Popup Stopper Wizard

If you want to stop the pop ups this is an application to do it with. It allows options to be set to block some pop ups and allow others. It also lets you set the number of open browsers. You can block with keywords or exact match on the name of the popup. It will also automatically click no to the question like make this my home page and security warnings. This is the Popup Blocker you want if you hate the pop ups. The Popup Stopper Wizard license is shareware and it is listed in popup stopper software.

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