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Use:  healthy life-s...

Tapping Test

Use: healthy life-style, sports, fitness, diagnostics of capacity for work, medical and biological researches. Only 25 seconds. It is psychological and physiological test for diagnostics a growth of overfatigue(not weariness) and tested have a negative state of central nervous system. Tapping Test will Help you to prevent overfatigue and to keep health! If you go in for sports - Tapping Test will help you operatively to supervise efficiency. Applying this test to children, we may find out if a child has predisposition to be quick overtired. Analysis of dynamics and change of speed reaction during uninterruptable physical work is taken as basis of this method. health, sport, fitness, ergonomic, test, education shareware listed in health, sport, fitness, ergonomic, test, education section.

Keywords: health sport fitness ergonomic test physiological keep growth overfatigue supervise effic scalable truetype fonts

ToFill is original p...


ToFill is original puzzle game which purpose is capture of greatest part of a game field. Capture of a field is carried out by change of color of the cells, thus of a cell of that color in which you "were recoloured" and which adjoin to yours, are considered seized. Time of each course is limited. There are two variants of game which differ a start position of opponent. This is a shareware listed under games, puzzle, logic category.

Keywords: logic puzzle tofill original 3d opengl

XPClock is a digital...

XPClock Plus

XPClock is a digital desktop clock with a calendar. Very simple interface, plus periodical update skines, chime function, alarm, indication CPU usage.Ver. 1.70 - transparent calendar (Only full version), sticking to edges of screen, new skins. Ver. 1.72- work of function {Set time from Internet} is changed, functions are added: fast start notepad and calculator ({Notepad}, {Calculator}. Features: low level CPU usage, periodical update skins. This miscellaneous software is listed under desktop clocks, alarms.

Keywords: clock desktop beautiful world

Barcode Linker is a ...

Barcode Linker

Barcode Linker is a program shell intended for multimedia support of printed editions (existing, and again issued) with the help of bar code technology. The connection between multimedia and the text, unlike the traditional printed references to materials on a compact disk, is carried out in addition through an insert of bar codes. This way of creating the references is much easier and more effective than traditional. In the absence of the bar code scanner, number of the reference is entered from the keyboard. For example: "1" "Enter" (Numbers of the references are printed together with a bar code). It is much easier, than to search for the necessary file on a compact disk. The bar code for the reference can be very compact, since it contains only 2 - 3 symbols and its accommodation in the text does not require a lot of place. Another application of Barcode Linker is making presentations and preparation of educational material by lecturers. The management of the computer or "media" by a projector through the scanner at change of slides, does not require the lecturer constantly be beside the computer. The slides can be operated interactively; inserting the references to their numbers directly into the text of the lecture. As a whole, Barcode Linker allows to create support of existing, and again issued printed editions by computer multimedia applications and is used in various directions of educational, research and advertising activity. The program allows to lose a video and audio files, to look through files images in a format JPG (in the given version, but it is possible to use other formats), and also textual files, PowerPoint presentations and Internet references. The management of program work is carried out through the barcode scanner or keyboard. This business software is listed under business, education, shell, cd, bar codes.

Keywords: bar codes business education shell cd ntfsdos pro

XPClock is a digital...


XPClock is a digital desktop clock with a calendar. Very simple interface, plus periodical update skins and functions. Ver. 1.3 are added alarm clock and new skins. v.1.31 It is added support of screen fonts of the non-standard size. Ver. 1.40 distinguishes presence new skins and also set time from Internet. Ver. 1.50 - added new calendar and skins. This is a freeware listed under desktop category.

Keywords: clock desktop xpclock digital calendar plus periodical update vb programs

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