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This Java bean was developed to create WBMP and OTA images automatically without using any WBMP editor. The resulting *.wbmp images comply with the WAP 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 specifications for WBMP Level 0 written in the appropriate documents.OTA images comply with the Nokia Smart Messaging 2 Specification. Users can: a) append text with the given font and size to the blank WBMP imageappend text with the given font and size to the template WBMP image b) append WBMP or OTA image to another WBMP or OTA image (template) c) use most of well-known graphical functions (draw lines, ovals, rectangles, points, etc.) d) prepare WBMP and OTA images for storing in most existing databases e) split and glue the WBMP or OTA images in all directions f) rotate WBMP and OTA images g) convert existing tables into WBMP and OTA images of any complexity (Nokia 7110 will be able to display tables!) using custom fonts h) generate streams containing WBMP and OTA images (for use in servlets) i) use their own fonts j) draw charts based on business data - 24 complicated chart types supported k) draw various kinds of lines l) use external images m) convert files of multiple graphic formats into WBMP and OTA and back (GIF - in, JPEG - in/out, BMP - out, PNG - out, TIFF - out) with improved color rendering n) create large WBMP images (more than 127x127) o) animate any sequence of WBMP images! p) make simple WBMP cartoons q) automatically create images with the maximum dimensions depending on the client's mobile phone r) ... and perform many other operations. This graphics software is listed under graphics, java, wap.

Keywords: png servlets complexity custom fonts template c graphical functions ota ovals bmp java bean graphic formats nokia smart messaging maximum dimensions nokia 7110 rectangles tiff glue business data append external images tree hierarchy linux networks

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