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This software is a unique product that does not require burning CD and the size of the product is just 347KB, perfect size for download. Just Download and Click to run DISKExtinguisher to permanently delete the disk data. DISKExtinguisher is licensed as demo and filed in system utilities file &, amp, amp, amp, amp, disk management section.

human resources data social security number basic input output system

SLS (Sanitary Lift Station)

Engineers Design pump stations Calc Max-Min Sys Head Curves&plot w/pump curves.. SLS (Sanitary Lift Station) is licensed as demo and filed in civil environmental engineering section.

work sessions flexibility versatile range

CST Slider ActiveX Control

The Slider is a versatile input/output instrument graphic component for display gauge or slider. It provide a powerful alterable tool includes multiple graphic elements of Bar, Knob, Tic, Caption etc for designing the control. This shareware is archived under visual basic, visual c++, activex category.

input output dynamic property graphic elements


This development tool traces run time calls to selected COM/DCOM objects. It displays values of input and output parameters for each method or property called by clients. COMslicer can trace in-process and out-of-process COM components written in VC++ or VB. Development Tools shareware COMslicer is listed in programmer's utilities, activex and com, debugging tools.

debugging com dcom user interface


This multimedia utility can be used for synchronization of MIDI devices. The BPM rate of the clock signal can be set, and the MIDI real time clock protocol is sent out with the precision of the Windows multimedia timer, optionally synced to midi-in. Audio freeware MIDICLOCK is listed in midi, synthesizer, music, sequencer tools.

protocol bpm synchronization


.Net library of three classes for simplified asynchronous I/O (AsyncStream), using alternate data streams (AlternateStreams), and efficient stream peek/seeking (BetterBufferedStream). Easily improves the performance of new or existing applications. This development tools shareware BetterStreams is categorized under development components, libraries.

compound storage downloaded file application data

Embedded LonWorks Development Kit

Create device networked products with the worlds leading lonmark standards. Create in minutes a program which controls any electrical device via the internet. This demo is archived under network, internet network monitoring category.

input output device light bulb device interface

Active@ Kill Disk - Hard Drive Eraser

Active@ KillDisk is a quality security application that destroys data permanently from any computer that can be started using a DOS floppy disk. DoD 5220.22-M compatible

storage devices bios active killdisk professional


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