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Crosscube is a new twisty puzzle. It has the same number of slices as the famous Rubik's Cube - six, but their new layout within the cube is not more such absolutely symmetrical how earlier. Compared to Rubik's Cube, the combination of symmetry and asymmetry gives it new qualities. After just one twist the familiar cube form disappears, giving a new unknown form instead. The goal is to return the puzzle to its original cubic form. The nearer to the goal you will come, the more complete will be the orchestration of musical accompaniment. The difficulty of the puzzle grows very quickly with the game levels until the point, where it is impossible to solve it without a special operations - here you have the chance to become the first man of the Earth, who has solved the totally mixed Crosscube! But the game has less difficult tasks too: you may search for interesting symmetrical or unsymmetrical patterns or forms. In the Extra version there are collections of small problems that are to solve with the provided operations, and a macro language that is an excellent tool to manage the operations. Crosscube is a demo categorized under games - twisty puzzle tools.

Keywords: orchestration new layout symmetry puzzle asymmetry musical accompaniment twisty first man absolutely special operations collections man of the earth game levels slices macro language rubik s cube skills program visual c microsoft

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