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Wavosaur audio editor

Wavosaur lets you make and edit voice and other audio recordings. When editing audio files you can cut, copy and paste parts of recordings and add VST effects, opens wav mp3 aiff, export multiple files, add loop points, batch process your files. Wavosaur audio editor is licensed as freeware and placed in audio, multimedia multimedia creation tools section.

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Wavosaur free audio editor

Wavosaur is a free program to edit sounds (wav, mp3, aiff ...) it has all the basic edit functions, cut, paste, delete, mix, trim, reverse the sound, pitch shift, resample, zoom, record your own sounds and add VST effect. You can add unlimited set of effects, thanks to the VST support, and listen in real-time while tweaking the parameters on the VST graphic interface. Add loop points and markers, change editor skin, export multiple wav. Audio freeware Wavosaur free audio editor is listed in audio, multimedia multimedia creation tools tools.

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DB Blob Editor is a database blob field edit tool. DB Blob Editor allows you to proceed quickly and efficiently in your database blob field edit work. View/Edit BLOB Field(plain text,RTF,image,xml...). Connect to any datasource accesible via ADO using OLE DB Provider or ODBC. Browse and edit database server-specific schema objects, including tables, fields, indexes, and stored procedure definitions(now only sqlserver,oracle).

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1-abc.net Personal Addresses

This program organizes all your personal contact data fast and easily. It starts directly without annoying splash screens and anything you enter is saved automatically. Access can be protected with a password and you decide where the data is located. Search for single entries using wild cards in each part of it. Get a result table with all entries matching your search. You can also sort the whole list or the filtered data with just one click! 1-abc.net Personal Addresses is licensed as shareware and placed in business databases, tools section.

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Expense Sharer J2ME

Personal finance software Expense Sharer permits you to easily keep track of your and your friends expenses. By keeping track of who pays for what during f.ex. a vaccation, you can get an overview of who owes who how much at any time. Expense Sharer supports groups in groups, i.e. when only some people in the group take part in an expense, the program copes with it. Expense Sharer J2ME is a freeware software filed under business accounting, finance utilities.

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Auto resize the controls of your Visual Basic form when screen resolution changes. DF_Resize is licensed as shareware and placed in development active x section.

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MagicScore Maestro

MagicScore is user friendly state-of-the-art music notation software for professional musicians. Advantages of MagicScore are: an easy-to-use, intuitive interface for a set of partitas, a number of data input methods including the virtual keyboard, external MIDI devices and a big set of musical symbols. Automatic and manual formatting of partitas. Reproduction and a seal of the partita. Saving to MIDI files. Reading from MIDI. This audio shareware MagicScore Maestro is categorized under multimedia authoring tools, audio editros, audio, music.

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Alarm Timer

A simple alarm click for your computer. If your need alarm on your trip, you can use your PC as an alram clock. Additionally lets you choose your favorite music file as your alarm sound. Alarm Timer is licensed as freeware and placed in desktop clocks, alarms section.

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DimichSoft Mail List Receiver

This internet utility allows you to remove unwanted emails from your mail server, without having to download them with your email program first. It shows list of messages on server and you can simple select the messages that you want to remove. The program also allows you to view the headers or download selected messages. Useful for cleaning up your mailbox, deleting junkmail, spam, large attachments etc.

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