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FileMaker Database Calendar

Easy use for PCs or Macs. Works over the Internet or TCP IP network if each user has FileMaker. Customize and tie into current FileMaker solutions. Master password gives complete access to the database. FileMaker Pro 5 or higher required. FileMaker Database Calendar is a shareware software filed under business pims and calendars utilities.

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PingCOPA Network Monitoring Software

This internet software is an aid for network engineers when monitoring and diagnosing IP network problems. Alarm conditions can trigger speach output, email or activate an application. This shareware is archived under network, internet network monitoring category.

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PingCOPA Network Tools

This internet utility are an aid for network users when monitoring and diagnosing IP network problems. Alarm conditions can trigger speach output, email or activate an application. Built in whois, nslookup and traceroute functions. PingCOPA Network Tools is licensed as shareware and filed in network, internet trace, ping tools section.

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Big Brother

Software that is the simplest tool for monitoring your IP-network for troubles. It gives you a comprehensive picture of what happened to any point on the Net that you put in. This freeware Big Brother is categorized under network, internet network monitoring.

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InOut Tracker

A cross-platform people tracking solution that works across a TCP/IP network. Gain instant access to in/out status of co-workers. Find out when they will be returning, or the best way to contact. Stop searching and keep working with InOut Tracker.

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WebCam Looker

This internet software - is easy to use and powerful video surveillance system for monitoring and broadcasting images of your home/office to internet or mobile phone. On movements inside or around of your property program immediately alarms. This internet shareware WebCam Looker is categorized under network, internet network monitoring.

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B4Failure (IP Monitor)

B4Failure - The most comprehensive computer/network monitoring and surveillance tool, used for monitoring your entire infrastructure. The most comprehensive IP, Network and service monitor for your infrastructure ever. This shareware is archived under network, internet network monitoring category.

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ActiveSocket Network Toolkit

Network Communication COM/OLE object. Features: HTTP, HTTPs, FTP, NTP, ICMP Ping, RSH, SNMP, TCP client/server, Telnet, Wake-On-LAN, DNS. Visit http://www.activexperts.com/activsocket for online VB, VB.NET, VC#.NET, Delphi, ASP, PHP, Java samples. ActiveSocket Network Toolkit is a shareware software filed under network, internet other utilities.

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SoftPerfect Network Protocol Analyzer

This internet tool is a professional tool for analyzing, maintaining and monitoring local networks and Internet connections. It captures the data passing through network card and represents this data in an easily readable form. This internet shareware SoftPerfect Network Protocol Analyzer is categorized under networking, security, internet, network.

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This audio software - A MIDI over Ethernet Driver No more MIDI interfaces needed to communicate between applications on different PC's. It has a even lower latency than a hardware legacy device and sends over Multicast. No client server hassle, no configuration. ipMIDI is licensed as shareware and filed in audio, multimedia other section.

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Amirus Mirror Memory

A Reflective Memory software solution. using standard COTS network components and the processors own internal hardware exception mechanism. The highly-optimized. fault-tolerant design delivers high throughput and millisecond latency on PC systems. This shareware is archived under middleware, miscellaneous category.

IP Address Searcher

A powerful IP Address Search tool that helps you to search IP address, list all IP Address on your network, ping a host, trace IP, get MAC information, search a ip geographic location.

Engineers Edition

An awesome collection of over 38 Networking Tools. From graphing Bandwidth Monitors to Network Discovery tools to Cisco Router tools to a Network Monitor with email alerts, to a Full MIB Browser. As you can see from its size, this toolset is LOADED. Engineers Edition is licensed as shareware and filed in network management section.

Jitbit Network Sniffer

This utility is exactly what its name says - it is a Network Sniffer tool. It monitors your network traffic and shows the captured IP packets in the list. Packet content can be viewed in text or HEX, and the traffic can be filtered. This utilities shareware Jitbit Network Sniffer is categorized under network, internet network monitoring.

Colasoft Capsa

Capsa is an advanced but easy to use TCP/IP Network Monitor & Analyzer program which works on all Windows operating systems. Colasoft Capsa is licensed as commercial and filed in network monitor, network sniffer, network analyzer section.


This internet utility is a Telnet server that runs on the Windows 95,98 and ME platforms. It provides the user with a direct connection between a Telnet client and a given serial port (COM1..X). This shareware is archived under web servers, telnet, terminal, utilities category.

Serial to Ethernet Connector

It is a software-based solution that allows you to share serial port devices over TCP/IP network turning your computer into low-cost terminal server. So, any serial port device connected to COM port could be accessed from anywhere in the world. Serial to Ethernet Connector is licensed as shareware and filed in utilities system utilities, utilities network utilities, programming debugging, communication remote control tools, communication wireless communication section.

WhatChanged for Windows

The key to good health on a networked PC is to track and rollback from involuntary changes. WhatChanged? for Windows allows the automatic tracking of changes to the file and registry. The enterprise edition allows secure centralized management. WhatChanged for Windows is licensed as demo and filed in system tools section.

vdocapture H264 WebCam Pro

It has unique H264 User Name mode to manage dynamic ip address on internet,can directly watch your remote camera via IE browser. It has advanced video motion detection algorithm, various alert functions including Email, FTP, and sound. This shareware is archived under network, internet network monitoring category.

Professional Edition

A collection of over 30 Network Discovery, Monitoring and Management tools. Includes NETWORK MONITOR with email alerting, BANDWIDTH MONITOR, MIB WALK, IP NETWOR BROWSER, MAC ADDRESS DISCOVERY & many more. Pound for Pound, the best toolset available. Professional Edition is a shareware software filed under network management utilities.

Wandering IPs

This internet utility allows you to visualize your TCP connections in 3D. It monitors connections made to or from your PC, identifies remote IP adresses and then tries to determine their geographic locations. Wandering IPs is licensed as shareware and filed in network, internet network monitoring section.


Network Virtual Serial Ports Driver is an advanced utility, the purpose of which is to emulate null-modem cable on computers located in a TCP/IP LAN or connected to the Internet by creating any number of pure virtual serial ports in your system. This shareware is archived under utilities system utilities, programming utilities, programming components and libraries, development networks, development tools programming, system utilities misc. utilities category.

Rapid Network Configurator

New revolutionary program released. Now you can surf beetween several network with no need to reconfigure computer every time. RNC will help network administrators and Mobile users. Just one DoubleClick will switch you to the Next saved settings. Internet shareware Rapid Network Configurator is listed in network, internet network monitoring tools.


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