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Do you get tired wit...

Visual CHM

Do you get tired with the complicated and boring way HTML help workshop provided which you have to suffer in creating HTML help files? You have to know what .hhp, .hhc files are, you will not know how to change HTML help files' looking such as add buttons into your help files' navigation area unless you are an expert, and you have to insert HTML files one by one. Fortunately, here, Visual CHM can solve all these problems for you. With a WYSWYG interface, Visual CHM is very easy to use. No sophisticated concepts any more, no need to care about what TOC or CHI is, it actually simplified your operation. And even more, its integration with windows explorer let you add a directory of HTML files through explorer's right click menu. Just download and try! Visual CHM license is shareware and it is listed in help maker software.

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Want to protect your...


Want to protect your pictures distributed on the internet from plagiarized by unauthorized ones? It's a good idea to label them with your name. But think of those big applications like Photoshop which can provide such function, they are disk space and memory killer, and slow, and the most important, expensive, so why not try PhotoMark instead! PhotoMark is a professional watermark maker which can let you create and apply watermarks using your brand name, it features the ability to manipulate watermarks rapidly, accurately, and expeditely. With PhotoMark in your hand, it is very easy to apply your watermark to a batch of pictures, or even apply several watermarks to just one picture! Features of PhotoMark include: * Employ different watermarks to one picture * Batch update pictures * Create and manage watermarks * Custom transparency * Support image watermark and text watermark * Support JPEG, BMP, GIF,PNG picture formats * Support tile watermark * Convert pictures to JPEG or BMP formats after adding watermark * Detailed log message * Import/Export watermarks * Create watermark using file names * Reserve EXIF information in digital camera generated JPEG files. PhotoMark is a graphics software.

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aTaskManager is a ta...


aTaskManager is a task manager program customized for windows 98, and windows Me platform, which not only looks like, but also functions the same as Microsoft Task Manager for Windows 2000/NT. It can also provide information about programs and process running on your computer, display CPU usage history chart, and monitor key indicators of your computer's performance. system monitor shareware listed in system monitor section.

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Advanced Text2Gif en...

Advanced Text2Gif

Advanced Text2Gif enables you to create pictures(Gif, PNG or Jpeg) from plain text. It is very useful when you want to keep the original settings of your text (e.g. particular font or size, color) and distribute it on the net, or protect your copyright text from copy/paste by visitors of your website. In Advanced Text2Gif, you can custom size, background color (transparent or background picture), or even word wrap properties for picture files which give you the most freedom in the converting. Other features in Advanced Text2Gif include multiple setting options which enables you to manipulate Gif pictures at your pleasure. Advanced Text2Gif is a graphics software.

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A funny tool which c...


A funny tool which can play Flash files, Flashback not only reinforces functions provided by Macromedia Flash Player, but also has its own expanding. You can control the process of a flash file at your pleasure, and preview flash files before enjoying them. In addition, the playlist it integrated provides a easy way to manage your flash files, such as search flash files from a destination folder or even IE cache. Furthermore, by using Flashback skins you can give your Flashback a brand new look.Flashback version 1.5 features its two conversion functions which can convert .swf files into .exe executable files, or screen saver. This miscellaneous software is listed under multimedia - flash.

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SecureDisk is a prog...

Secure Disk

SecureDisk is a program which can create encrypted virtual disks on Windows operation systems to protect your files or data from been accessed by others. Using the powerful and proven cryptographic algorithm it can provide the best security. After installing SecureDisk, you can choose to create a virtual disk file which acts as a container that contains data and when been mounted by SecureDisk, a new logic driver will be created, you can look the new driver as a normal driver because their operations are the same, the encrypt and decrypt processes are transparent to user which make it much easy and convenience for both old hands and the newbie. Some features of SecureDisk: The best and proven cryptographic algorithm will make your encrypted disk military strong. Very fast encryption. You may even not notice the time it used. Easy to use. Both the creation of a new container and the mount process are very simple. Support FAT16/FAT32/NTFS driver format under Windows 2000/NT/XP. No limit on the number of SecureDisk volumes exist on a single disk. Act as a Windows service. Secure Disk is a utilities software.

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Protect yourself fro...

Sweep Mail

Protect yourself from junk emails! SweepMail is the software you are looking for to rid your mailbox of SPAM prior to your downloading with your mail client softwares (such as Outlook Express, Inbox). Has the ability to compare the mail headers with your email address to remove emails not directly send to you (Mostly these emails are spams), SweepMail can also allow you to custom your own rules and spam servers you do not want to receive emails from. In a world that junk emails spread all over the internet, you must have a kind of software like SweepMail to defend yourself from being attacked by these SPAMs! Sweep Mail license is shareware and it is listed in anti spam software.

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