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AutoFlowchart is a excellent source code flowcharting tool to generate flowchart from source code. Its flowchart can expand and shrink. and you can pre-define the the width , height,Horizontal spacing and vertical spacing. Move and zoom is also very easy. It can export the flowchart as a Microsoft Word file or a bitmap file. It can help programmers understand, document and visualize source code. It supports C,C++,VC++(Visual C++ .NET),Delphi(Object Pascal). Maybe it can help you! MAIN FEATURES: auto generate flowchart from sourcecode export the flowchart as Ms Word file expand and Shrink the flowchart format the source code pre-define the base size of the flowchart block zoom and move the flowchart freely export the flowchart as a bitmap. AutoFlowchart license is shareware and it is listed in editor software.

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CutePIM is the most ...


CutePIM is the most individual PIM software maybe as if it designed only for you!. You can revised any thing include field name, view columns, view widths and other by yourself. After applying CutePIM to your own life, you will be more productive, less prone to the effects of stress, and you will have a better balance between your business and personal life. More than 40 fields in database can save for every information. Offers customizable fields for individual user. You can redefine the fields' title, view width, frequent items . Tree structure can save group information maximum 127 levels. every group can have maximum 50 subgroup. Drag and drop is supported. You can drag a member record (or a group) and drop into another group. Columns in main grid can be changed by yourself Automatically sorts record list (click the column's title) Intellectualized search is supported. Exports *.csv files Data files is password protected Green software. You can uninstall it by delete it directly. CutePIM is a home/hobby software.

Keywords: csv files personal life tree structure member record sorts customizable fields drag and drop data files effects of stress password protected pim software textual content undelete utility

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