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Create fantastic eye...

Spotlight Banner

Create fantastic eye-catching lighting effects with Wibbleware's Spotlight applet. - Have up to ten spotlights roving around your banner - Set each spotlight moving along any one of eight different paths - Faster page loading times with the built-in magnification feature Perk up your logo, banner, or any picture image with Wibbleware's Spotlight applet. Spotlight allows you to quickly and easily darken your image and then move spotlights around it. Spotlight can also be instructed to automatically double the size of your image on your web page. This is great for speeding up your page loading times as you can use much smaller images that will only be one quarter of the displayed size. Additionally, it uses a anti-alias effect to smooth out any blocky edges. The Spotlight applet has a great range of configurable features, including: - Spotlight positions, routes, and speeds - Image brightness - Image magnification - URL link. Spotlight Banner license is shareware and it is listed in java, applet, banner, logo software.

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eXpand is a smoothly...

eXpand Menu

eXpand is a smoothly animated 2-level menu. This highly configurable applet dynamically expands sub-menus as you move over top-level menu items. It also comes with a great variety of pre-defined menu graphics and plenty of examples to get you started. Why use eXpand? Well, here are just a few reasons: - Saves you time and effort - no need to use JavaScript - Simple to use - no programming knowledge necessary - Easy to configure - Automatically handles navigation and rollovers - We bundle in a stunning menu graphics pack when you buy a licensed version, containing some great menu designs. All you have to do is add a eXpand applet to your web page and specify some simple parameters for your menus. There's simply no need for any JavaScript or HTML programming! We even provide a range of stylish menu graphics for use with eXpand. You don't need to be a programmer - just use our simple step-by-step instruction guide to create your own professional dynamic menus. The eXpand applet has a range of configurable features, including: - Font colors - Automatic mouse highlight effect - Animation speed - Text alignment - All menu text and navigation URLs And - we're so confident you'll be pleased with our software, we offer a no-quibble 30-day money-back guarantee. eXpand Menu is a shareware categorized under navigation, java, applet, menu tools.

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Use Fission to quick...

Fission Menu

Use Fission to quickly turn an image of your choice into a stylish panel of web buttons with the minimum of effort! Create a professional themed image panel in just minutes! Before Fission, you'd have to carve up the image, apply your graphical effects and then stick everything back together. This would be very time-consuming and complicated to do. Whether you were stitching together lots of images in HTML or creating hugely complicated image maps, this has always been a difficult task. With Fission though, you can do all this in a fraction of the time. This is a shareware listed under java, applet, navigation, menu category.

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Mercury ButtonMenu a...

Mercury ButtonMenu

Mercury ButtonMenu and Mercury TabMenu offer truly simple all-in-one solutions to your site navigation needs. Want to add professional navigation web buttons or tabs to your site with minimal effort? Forget about using bulky image files - use the Mercury navigation applets to draw your web buttons and tabs for you. We've narrowed down the most common design elements of web buttons and tabs to just a few simple parameters, making it incredibly easy to create your own stylish graphical designs. - No need to use any image files at all! - Fully configurable navigation applets - Fast and efficient web page loading - Simple to use - No programming knowledge required - Create buttons/tabs in minutes All you have to do is add one of the Mercury applets to your web page and specify some simple parameters for your buttons or tabs. There's simply no need for any JavaScript or DHTML programming! And the incredible Mercury graphics engine draws the graphics onto your web page, so you don't need to use any graphics files at all! You don't need to be a programmer or a graphic artist - just use our simple step-by-step instruction guide to create your own professional web buttons and tabs. This internet software is listed under navigation, java, applet, button creator.

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There's nothing wors...

Abstract Anti-Spam

There's nothing worse than an in-box full of spam, is there? If you display an e-mail address on your site, the spammers use their automatic spam bots to search through your pages, 'harvesting' your e-mail address. Abstract offers a truly simple solution to this problem. Instead of displaying your e-mail address in text (which the spam bots can easily read) it draws your address as an image on the page. It looks like text to you or me but the spam bots just can't read it! Behind the scenes, you configure Abstract with a specially formatted e-mail address. This format is easy for you or me to read, but a spam bot simply doesn't have the capability to understand it. spam, java, applet shareware listed in spam, java, applet section.

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