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Give your Vinyl Reco...

RIP Vinyl

Give your Vinyl Records a rest. RIP vinyl allows you to record from any audio source on your PC, and produce WAVor MP3 files, which can then be burned onto a CD-R for your own personal use while away from home. Compression is done via Microsoft's Audio Compression Manager (MSACM) and can use any ACM codec that is licensed for encoding. The software automatically detects tracks, and you can configure the track detection parameters. In addition, it automatically discards tracks shorter than a threshold. A new mode allows recording 78 RPM records at 45 RPM with a simple click of a button. The software now supports a peak VU meter, and the main UI and installation has been translated into Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish. It also supports recording 78 RPM records at 45 RPM. RIP Vinyl is a demo categorized under home stereo tools.

Keywords: danish vinyl records personal use ui french german mp3 files threshold 45 rpm 78 rpm records acm codec audio source rip vinyl click of a button 3d line bandwidth consumption

Articulate spelling ...

Articulate Spelling

Articulate spelling allows you to practice your spelling at home. An animated character speaks the words for you to spell, and checks that you have spelled them correctly. This can be a great help for children with dyslexia. The educational version supports many users on a network, and automatically finds the correct test for a given student. It is also very easy to cut and paste the words from any textual source, to make it easy to add or share word lists. You can also use the program to practice a foreign language by selecting a speech engine for the corresponding country. It supports Danish, French, German, and Spanish as well as US and UK English. The program requres Microsoft Agent and a speech synthesis engine which are currently available for free on the internet, and an automated installation program makes them simple to install. The latest version also includes all of the winning words from 1925 until 2003 from the Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee. This is a shareware listed under education languages category.

Keywords: speech synthesis french german scripps howard national spelling bee national spelling bee word lists correct test foreign language synthesis engine danish cut and paste microsoft agent speech engine installation program dyslexia original cd pc files

Select which of the ...

Flashcard Tables

Select which of the tables you want to practice, and the program will present them as flashcards. See how quickly you can answer and get listed in the hall of fame. Demo limited to 1s, 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s table. Statistics saved about the time required to answer each run, to aid diagnosis of problems. Separate high scores are saved for each of the combinations of tables. This is a demo listed under education mathematics category.

Keywords: 3s 1s statistics 10s 2s aid diagnosis flashcards demo high scores 5s hall of fame tool software new sounds

Learn the 21 notes o...

Sight Reading Challenge

Learn the 21 notes of the Bass Clef and Treble Clef. The program displays the notes on the staff, and you press the name of the letter. If you get it wrong, the program displays the name above the staff. You then press the correct name to proceed. If you manage to correctly identify all of the notes, you qualify for the Hall of Fame, and your name and time get listed for posterity. The demo version only displays 11 notes, and always in the same order. It does not support the hall of fame feature. music demo listed in music section.

Keywords: hall of fame posterity treble clef bass clef demo version program displays dbase iii s media

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