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EventLog Translation Service

WinAgents EventLog Translation Service is a server that monitors the Windows event logs and forwards the events for further processing. The program can forward the events to SYSLOG server or to SNMP management station. EventLog Translation Service allows you to forget about manual checking of the event logs. From now on, you can use your favorite network management system to analyze the event logs. EventLog Translation Service is running as a background process on your server and it periodically polls the event logs. If new events are registered, the program forwards them to SYSLOG server or to SNMP station. EventLog Translation Service equips the administrators with additional tools to manage the Windows event logs: + Fast tracking and removal of possible emergency situations. You can configure the SYSLOG server to perform the needed action when events that meet the set criteria appear. + Merging the logs. All information about appearing events is stored centrally in SYSLOG journals or in your network management system constructed on the basis of SNMP. + Save time. You will not have to look through the performance logs of your servers manually. EventLog Translation Service does it for you. +Better quality of server administration. EventLog Translation Service forwards the appearing events at the same time they occur. Thus, in case an emergency situation occurs, you will be notified instantly. This utilities software is listed under system utilities automation,system utilities log managers,system utilities monitors,system utilities misc. utilities.

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WinAgents IOS Config...

WinAgents IOS Config Editor

WinAgents IOS Config Editor helps administrators to manage their Cisco devices. It provides easy access control list management, creation of configuration backups and editing running and startup device configuration files. Generally, WinAgents IOS Config Editor is a text editor specially designed to edit configuration files for the Cisco routers. It allows downloading configuration from a remote device, editing it, and uploading it back to the device. With IOS Config Editor you have access to all devices from one place. Also, IOS Config Editor makes it easy to backup the configuration of your devices. Key features of WinAgents IOS Config Editor: + Allows configuring multiple devices simultaneously + Automates copying configuration files to and from Cisco devices + Includes a full-fledged configuration file editor with syntax highlighting, bookmarks, navigation, etc. + Simplifies access control lists configuration + Allows creating configuration backups with ease + Allows decrypting type 7 passwords and keys in configuration files + Uses SNMP to acquire configuration files from remote devices + Supports SNMP version up to 3 to guarantee maximum security + Includes an own TFTP server embedded into the application. It is not necessary to install any third-party TFTP servers + Includes an own SYSLOG server embedded into the application. + Supports devices running with IOS version 10 and above. WinAgents IOS Config Editor license is shareware and it is listed in network administrators tools,network management,system utilities configuration software.

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Do you often need to...

WinAgents TFTP Server

Do you often need to update the software (flash image) on your network devices? How often to you need to make reserve copies of your routers? Network administrators know that to cope with everyday routine they need a reliable and secure TFTP server. WinAgents TFTP Service has been specially designed for you and guarantees the ultimate performance and reliability for your work. WinAgents TFTP Service for Windows is a fully-realized TFTP server for Windows 2000/XP. WinAgents TFTP Service runs as a background task and doesn't require permanent attendance. It has been originally designed to work in 24x7 background operation mode. Using WinAgents TFTP Service, you can make reserve copies of device settings, update flash images, store sound files for IVR systems and perform other useful operations. Key features of WinAgents TFTP Service for Windows: + Platform: Any Windows platform (except WinCE). TFTP Service is running as background task. + Implemented as a system Windows NT/2000 service + Fully compatible with RFC1350, RFC2347 and RFC2349 + Runs as a background "around-the-clock" task + Ensures flexible access rights setup according to client's IP-address + Support firewalls: the sever allows indicating the range of UDP-ports, used for transmitting the data. This allows network administrators to regulate firewall rules, approving the traffic, generated by the server. + Full TFTP option support. The server filly supports the options 'tsize', 'blocksize' and 'timeout', which enables the administrators to reach the maximum performance, when transferring the data. + An option of setting a highest precedence for the sever process. This option is used in systems with a large number of TFTP-clients and helps to assist them with the maximum speed. + Contains graphic utilities for server setup and server status control + High-performance multithreaded architecture. servers other server applications shareware listed in servers other server applications section.

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