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Activity Timer

Find out how many hours you spend on activities. Musical alarms. Eye protection reminders. Databases with details of ttimes for each day. Tray icon with pie chart to show amount of time in current session. Teach Activity Tmer to speak your language.

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Automatic data backup and archiving utility with profiles and scheduler. Also has tray icon with profiles menu for manual select. Backup profiles can be executed by hotkeys too. WinPSF is a shareware software filed under backup utilities.

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TextSpeech Pro

This internet tool is a professional text to speech software that reads any document (PDF, MS Word, etc.) aloud, easily converts documents to speech audio files, converts any copied text to speech, utilizes XML for better voice tuning, and more.

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This utility! is a small 32 bit command line utility which allows you to easily add a collection of shortcuts to the System Tray (Notification Area in Microsoft speak) It allows you to quickly access frequently used folders, files, URLs and applications. This utilities freeware BeTrayed is categorized under system utilities launchers, task managers.

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An application which can save you time by removing unwanted formatting information when pasting text in Windows. This utilities freeware ClipExact is categorized under system utilities clipboard tools.

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Ace WINScreen

This utility 4.0 is the FREE highly popular, leading quality Application of choice to Capture the Screen, Print & Save for the Personal Computer. Ace WINScreen is licensed as freeware and filed in screen capture image graphics print utilities tools application section.

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Backup Dwarf

Automatic backup software for your files, projects, music, photos, documents. You can schedule daily, weekly or monthly backups with advanced filter options. Full or incremental backups to FTP, NAS. Extremely easy to use and user friendly. Backup Dwarf is a shareware software filed under system utilities backup, restore utilities.

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1st Do-It-Yourself Promotional Product Creator

Create your own personalized 3d promotional products. 3d Windows® desktop clocks can be customized with logos, images, text, sounds, pop-up alarms and website links. Distribute as useful free gifts and get constant exposure and repeat traffic. Business shareware 1st Do-It-Yourself Promotional Product Creator is listed in promotional tools, marketing tools, advertising tools tools.

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This office and business application is a powerful, yet simple to use text editor with lots of advanced features, such as complete Macro support, a configurable toolbar, Cliptext lists, customizable keyboard shortcuts, clean Tab interface, lots of options and much more. Texturizer is a demo software filed under text editors, html editors utilities.

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1Smart PopUp Stopper Pro

Smart PopUp Stopper stops all annoying popups. It optionally blocks banner ads for faster surfing. You can allow popups by holding down Ctrl while clicking a link. It's self configurable. It blocks the ads of Kazaa, Gator, chat messengers etc. Internet shareware 1Smart PopUp Stopper Pro is listed in tools, utilities tools.

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Fast WinSpot

This application loads an icon on the system tray and lets you configure its menu items from it, beeing them applications, documents or 'system actions', like rebooting windows, shutdown system, power off etc... Fast WinSpot is licensed as shareware and filed in utilities section.

Advanced Gamma Corrector (AGC)

A tool to calibrate your monitor. Make your pictures look natural, reveal hidden details. Includes a set of unique system utilities: AGC Favorite Folders (access any folder in only two clicks), Open/Save As dialog customization, Desktop transparency. This shareware is archived under desktop utilities, system utilities, monitor calibration tools category.


Launch applications by typing few characters of its name. Quickly run the most recent or the most used programs, find recently installed Start Menu shortcuts. Place the most used information in the handy toolbar. Manage your Windows startup programs. This utilities shareware JetStart is categorized under toolbar, launcher, start menu, desktop, shell, enhancements, util, system utilities taskbar.


This internet tool is a gateway for POP3 client accessing various web-based email services e.g Hotmail and Yahoo. All2POP takes care of your web-based email accounts, you are worry-free about regularly checking web-based email accounts to avoid losing them. This internet shareware All2POP is categorized under communications other e-mail tools.


Addon for internet explorer: limits number of ie at desktop, stops popups, quick customizes ie properties, controls proxy, performs search in Google, Yahoo. IECount is a set of useful ie tips and tricks to surf more pleasure! IECount is a freeware software filed under browsers tools, browser add-ons utilities.

Break Reminder

This office software is designed to prevent and assist convalscence of OOS/RSI. Runs in the background monitoring computer use, giving appropriate pause and/or break reminders. Highly user configurable. Logs events. Many users around the World love it. This business shareware Break Reminder is categorized under utilities, health, health and safety, efficiency.

Easy Screen Capture

This graphics utility is a tool for capturing any part of your screen. You can capture the full screen, active window, window object and any part of the screen. You can make professional screen shots and save them as bmp, png, gif or jpg files. Easy Screen Capture is licensed as shareware and filed in screen capture tools section.

12Ghosts JumpReg

Bookmark registry keys, accessible from a taskbar tray icon. 12-JumpReg also allows you to add descriptions to single values, copy the currently selected key with one click, or, for example, jump to a key you've copied to the clipboard. 12Ghosts JumpReg is licensed as shareware and filed in windows extensions section.


This office and business application is a great way to keep all of your thoughts, notes and projects organized on your computer in an easy to access and easy to search format. ReadyNotes is licensed as shareware and filed in business, word processing, note tab replacement, organizer section.

Iconic Tray

This tiny utility lets you minimize any window either to the system tray, or to a special new tray (see image). This helps you keep your taskbar clean for often used apps. Minimizing can be carried out with mouse clicks and/or system-wide hotkeys. Iconic Tray is licensed as shareware and filed in desktop enhancements, window managers, system tray enchancement, shell utilities section.

1Smart PopUp Stopper

Smart PopUp Stopper stops all annoying popups and popunders. It optionally blocks banner ads for faster surfing. You can allow popups by holding down Ctrl while clicking a link. It's very easy to use because it's self configurable. 1Smart PopUp Stopper is a shareware software filed under browser tools, browsing tools, utilities utilities.

PrDesktop-hide window boss key

Prdesktop:better than a virtual desktop managers, that allows you to hide windows quickly and protect your screen from prying eyes. it is an all-in-one boss key tool that will instantly cover your current activity and mute sound. PrDesktop-hide window boss key is licensed as freeware and filed in desktop other section.

Active Task Manager

A compact and powerful tool for automating the execution of tasks. It starts the .exe, .bat and .com files and displays reminders using flexible schedule or manually. This tool occupies system resources minimally. Ample documentation is available. This utilities shareware Active Task Manager is categorized under automation utility.

Titlebar Time

Displays the day of the week, the date, and the time in the titlebar of the active window. You do not have to set the day, the date, or the time. The program gets this information from your computer's operating system. Utilities freeware Titlebar Time is listed in desktop enhancements and utilities tools.

AnVir Task Manager

Antivirus tool that protects computer against viruses, cures infected computer, manages startup files and running processes (processor and memory usage), speeds up Windows boot time and increases computer performance by disabling useless programs. AnVir Task Manager is licensed as shareware and filed in system utilities registry, system utilities monitors, system utilities misc. utilities, system utilities security, system utilities antivirus section.

Decent Little To-do List

A convenient tree-style to-do list. Fully customizable fonts, colors and categories. Easy and non-irritating to use. Minimizes to a tray icon, and pops up with a shortcut key. Any number of sub levels. Save and load color schemes and settings. Decent Little To-do List is a shareware software filed under home, hobby other utilities.

Screen Calendar for Outlook

Create custom desktop with built in active calendar (small or large and even transparent) just over wallpaper, scheduling in MS Outlook. Change background with any period. Print the calendar or notes. Screen Calendar for Outlook is licensed as shareware and filed in office applications calendar and scheduling, system utilities pims, desktop managers, business, finance pims, organizers section.

Adolix Wallpaper Changer

This graphics utility is a free wallpaper changer and sequencer that will allow you to customize your desktop. You can make a play list with your favorite pictures and play it all day long. This freeware is archived under shell, desktop enhancements wallpaper category.

Trout's Internet Clock

Desktop Clock, Scheduler and Time Synchronizer. Liven up your desktop with clocks of any shape, size, color. Schedule multimedia, text reminders, run programs. Synchronize your system clock. Dynamic system tray icon, semi-transparent clocks. Trout's Internet Clock is a shareware software filed under clocks, utilities, desktop, time syncronizers utilities.

Easy Desktop Keeper

This tool lets you save, restore, manage and lock your desktop layout or layouts of PC users including placement of desktop icons, files and folders located on the desktop, desired wallpaper and screen saver. This shareware is archived under desktop category.

PresenTense Time Client NT/XP/2000/2003/Vista

PresenTense Time Client is a time client for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista. It synchronizes your PC system clock to a GPS or network time server. Supports e-mail and syslog alarm redundancy and can be remotely managed. Supports NTP, NINA and DHCP. PresenTense Time Client NT/XP/2000/2003/Vista is licensed as demo and filed in network, internet timers, time synch section.

ScreenSaver Druid

This software is freeware solution for managing screensavers. In addition to standard functions, it features ordered, scheduled and random lists for running screensavers, search for screensavers scattered on your hard drives, delete screensavers. This screen savers freeware ScreenSaver Druid is categorized under screen saver utilities, screen savers.


This utility is a keyboard utility with hotkey / shortcut control for executing files, folders, Start / Run commands, opening your mail, browsing to a website and logging in and much more ... Utilities freeware HotKeyz is listed in desktop launcher utility tools.

Remote Desktop Manager

This internet software is a small application used to manage all your remote connection. Add, edit, delete organizeor find your remote connection quickly. Internet freeware Remote Desktop Manager is listed in network, internet remote computing tools.

Windows Hide Expert

This tool is a powerful software, and it is very easy to use. It can automatically get status of current windows,Taskbar buttons,Tray icons,application or process list in the Task Manager,and IE windows,etc. This shareware is archived under desktop other category.

Scotts Wallpaper Switcher

Scott's Wallpaper Switcher is a system tray tool designed to allow you to quickly switch between wallpapers on your windows desktop. You can also configure the program to automatically switch wallpapers at predetermined intervals.


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