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SecurDesk! LV

Create your own powerful desktop environment, complete with such features as: multiple animated icons, sound, buttons, wallpaper, images, text, and other elements. You can spread icons across multiple password-protected pages so you have much more room to arrange your shortcuts. Other features include task scheduling, scripts, run programs or scripts at startup and/or shutdown, virtual desktop spaces, and much more... SecurDesk! LV is licensed as shareware and placed in shells, desktop section.

relocatable manager applet virtual desktop

Data Gatherer

User configurable mobile data collection software for Windows Mobile Devices. Users design templates on the desktop application and upload jobs and templates to the Windows Mobile 5 or later device. Business freeware Data Gatherer is listed in business other tools.

mobile data collection mobile device desktop environment

NFS client and server for windows ProNFS

NFS client and server for windows 95/98/2000/NT ProNFS. Network File System software that gives you high performance file sharing connectivity capabilities. Download and try it for free. This shareware is archived under network, nfs category.

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Customize Start Menu

This software will help you arrange Desktop environment, Start Menu and Quick Launch in blink of an eye! It will sort your software into groups, help set or delete shortcuts on Desktop and Quick Launch. Save you time through a smart work environment - make it handy and quickly!

desktop environment blink of an eye shortcuts


Allows users to create their own custom Start bars, finders, pop-up menus, program launchers, wharfs, docks, etc. It is completely customizable. Users can download hundreds of themes and bars for it from the theme library on This shareware is archived under desktop themes, wallpaper category.

windows desktop wharfs windowblinds skin


This tool stands for 'Run As User Launchpad'. RAUL is designed to allow specified individuals access utilities such as Task Manager in a restricted desktop environment. RAUL is licensed as freeware and placed in system utilities launchers, task managers section.

security policies privileges task manager

Desktop Fusion

What if you could see images on your desktop in a viewer that is integrated into your desktop like it's part of the wallpaper? What if you could view any of 1000s of images manually or in a slide show? You can with Desktop Fusion by Higher Math. This utilities shareware Desktop Fusion is categorized under graphics viewers, wallpaper, desktop.

desktop notes images show wallpaper images

Black Widow - Media Desktop

Black Widow Media Desktop contains 15 multimedia programs executing in their own desktop environment. Rip G1 and G2 networks or the NET for media files (music, video, images) and download/preview files found in the searches. Play/Rip individual songs from over 7000 radio stations with the new 'NET Radio Rip Or Play' application. Play/Rip Flash games/movies from the NET. Record any sound your computer makes with 'RIP What You Hear' and Encode files. This internet shareware Black Widow - Media Desktop is categorized under multimedia other.

music video time record arachnid


No more countless windows arranged one on top of the other in a confusing manner. You can organize and access your content in a new innovative way which brings greater flexibility and orientation in the overloaded desktop environment. The newest version includes useful features like a new powerful search functionality with advanced interface, ability to open multiple search results by marking or dragging them to Deskloops' strip.

search functionality deskloops click of a button

Mobile BASIC MIDlet

Mobile BASIC - The easy way to write your own Programs for your Mobile Phone. Mobile BASIC allows you to either write programs directly on your Mobile Phone or write programs using the off phone Desktop Environment. Mobile BASIC features: Graphics, Sprite Graphics with collision detection, Integer, Float, Strings, Logarithm functions, Trigonometry functions, Random Access Files, Programmable Internet Access, and a choice of forms. This development tools shareware Mobile BASIC MIDlet is categorized under business, games, utilities, miscellaneous, internet, home and hobby, education.

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