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Slow down music from any audio CD

SlowGold is developed or distributed by World Wide Woodshed, LLC and is licensed as shareware. Slow down music from any audio CD with high fidelity - hear and learn every note. Slow down music from any audio CD, MP3 file, or Wave file - hear and learn every note. The styles and solos of all the master musicians are yours for the taking with this acclaimed transcription tool. Top sound quality and convenience for musicians at all levels. Slice up a solo into loop points: phrase-by-phrase, measure-by-measure or even note-by-note. Play back each loop at half speed or less without changing the pitch. SlowGold even remembers the last speed that you used for each segment. Not only that, but now you can tune a recording to your instrument instead of the other way around! If you're trying to learn a jazz solo, for instance, from an old recording made with a slightly flat piano, then you can actually make the playback sharper in tiny increments until it is playing back in perfect pitch. And all the other loops you make in the same track will automatically be played back with the same retuning, unless you change them. Bass players can even slow a track down to half speed and transpose it up an octave at the same time, to really make the bass parts pop out. SlowGold comes packed with goodies to make your musical learning and practice easier. It has a built-in Recorder, for instance, that lets you record old LPs or cassettes into Wave files, so that you can slow down anything. Another great use for SlowGold's Recorder is to record your own playing to a Wave file, and then use SlowGold to transcribe your *own* music. Other goodies in SlowGold include a way...

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