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ActiveExit XP

ActiveExit for Windows XP/2000-2005/x64 - a set of tools to control Windows exit: it can log off users or shut down the computer automatically after a period of inactivity, or when the allowed time of using the computer ends, etc. ActiveExit XP is a shareware software filed under system utilities, logoff utilities, poweroff utilities utilities.

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Shutdown Lock

Irritated with the fact that some applications just don't go well together with Window's Hibernate or Suspend features? Get Shutdown Lock and hibernate-enable any application, like FlashGet, or AudioGrabber. 100% FREE to download and try. Shutdown Lock is a shareware software filed under system utilities shell tools utilities.

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Webcam Tracker Live!

This internet utility is a video and audio capture software that can broadcast captured data via internet (or local area network) to other users in real time (streaming). Webcam Tracker Live! use DirectShow technology to capturing and preprocessing video and audio data and Windows Media technology to broadcasting ones. With using Windows Media technology you can encode captured data with any video and audio codec installed in your system.

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Teroid Color Browser

Teroid Color Browser is a .NET control allowing users to select colors from a choice of palette, using a list box, combo box, or a square or strip of buttons. Development Tools freeware Teroid Color Browser is listed in .net, components, controls tools.

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Advanced Portal Software

Get a complete E-business suite with your website when you host it with us. This portal includes auctions, store, forums, project management, content management, automatic translations, scheduler, banner management, newsletters, Live Support, CRM. Internet shareware Advanced Portal Software is listed in business, web hosting, hosting, webhost, webhosts, internet, asp, portal software, ebussines, ecommerce, asp model hosting tools.

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ADi SmartBOL Express

SmartBOL Express version creates and saves VICS bill of lading on plain paper. Classic and Pro version provide extendend functionality that includes shipper, consignee related data management and enterprise integration. Check for detailed feature information and latest prices.

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Network Share Brute Forcer

This program will try and gain access to shared folders on your network using one of the following two methods: a) Brute force attack b) Dictionary attack. This freeware is archived under security, privacy other category.

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Increase your privacy. A new level of ease of use proxyserver. Lets you control site access for the kids while letting you view your webmail from work even when its blocked. Lets you help friends surf from behind iron firewalls. Replace expensive routers with this efficient proxyserver for your home or small business. This internet shareware ProxyServer is categorized under utilities.

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Browse and View

This internet tool makes the World Wide Web and your HTML pages available to those who do not have Internet access. With Browse and View you can place your HTML pages on a diskette or CD, and distribute your Web site to others! A great way to create hypertext, online documents and e-books without having to learn a new language.

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