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SWF Sound Automation Tool

SWF Sound Automation is a program for automating the SWF creation process of the MP3 compressed sound files.SWF Sound Automation Tool just takes the sound file and converts it to SWF file format which will be ready for users to put the files on their web sites or intranet. SWF sound automation tool enables the users to choose from several built in sound output modes as well as a custom mode for setting the bitrate,quality and mode themselves.SWF Sound Automation tool currently supports the favorite sound formats wav and mp3 as output files. In 5 minutes Sound Automation Tool can convert more than 100 sound files.SWF.Sound Automation Tool can be configured to put special ActionScript Tags to the SWF enabling full flexibility.With the help of the XML technology, Sound Automation Tool can be configured to work with popular databases like MS SQL Server,Access,Oracle,Paradox. The program has the ability to run as a batch process silently for to use as an automation part of a bigger process.Also With SWF Sound Automation Tool the users can create their own Output mode Styles and save these as predefined Output Styles which will avoid them changing the settings every time they want to use the program. SWF Sound Automation Tool is a audio software.

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XYZ Software is prou...

Image Styler

XYZ Software is proud to present Image Styler v1.0, an easy to use desktop tool for modifying,styling your image files. Image Styler v1.0; designed as a powerful and user-friendly tool that will enable you to apply more than 30 effects to your image files, modify,copy,morph multiple images fast and accurately.Apart from all other tools on market Image Styler is capable of creating multiple images from a single source file with a single click.For example if you want to prepare a rotating image animation just give the source image to Image Styler,specify the number of frames to be created and specify the rotating angle for each frame and click the create button.The program will output all the frame images individually and place them on the thumbnail panel. Image Styler handles the following popular image file formats ; GIF, CGM, CRI, TIFF, DICOM, CUT, FPX, IMG,JPEG,KDC,PCD,PICT,PSP,PBM,PGM,PNG,PPM,SGI,TIFF, TARGA,ICO,EMF,WMF,RLE,BMP,DIB,WPG,PCX Main features of Image Styler are as follows; Automatic creation of multiple images. Animated Gif Creator wizard. Printing Images. Converting between various types of image formats. Enhanced Color modifying options like Palette editing,Inverting,Threshold(Multiple Images),Brightness / Contrast,Gamma Correction,Modifying color depth,Greyscaling,splitting and combining color channels (CIE,CMYK,HSV,RGB,YCbCr,YIQ,NTSC,YUV,PAL). Histogram adjustment,Equalization,Luminance Equalization,Stretching. Applying predefined or custom filters . Enhanced image transformation like Stretching,Flip,Mirror,Rotate,Deskew for Multiple Images . Image Morphing. Image Math. Easy to use and integrate with third party programs or other programs from XYZSoftware. Easy-to-use interface. "Image Styler v1.0" intended to be used by all levels of computer users.It will be a "must have tool" for all kinds of grapic creators, animators, intermediate and professional web designers. XYZ Software wishes you to enjoy our product. Image Styler is a graphics software.

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This program parses,...

Mail Grab - Email Parsing Tool

This program parses,lists,saves and prints out the email addresses in a given text.It is ideal for individuals who are selling products by email as well as ecommercing companies who need to enlarge their customer databases each day.Mail Grab is easy to use,flexible and extremely fast.All you have to do is give the program the files to be inspected and watch the email drop on to your list.The program has a quick printing option for the emails found, in order to use for draft viewing.Also for qualified printing of emails you can use your favorite RTF viewer such as Microsoft Word or the standart Windows RTF viewer,Wordpad.Mail Grab -Email parsing tool supports all types of ASCII based files such as RTF,EML,XML,HTML,TXT.If you need to inspect a file other than ASCII, like Microsoft Word document file, all you have to do is to copy the interior of the file to Mail Grab. This is a shareware listed under email tools category.

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XYZ Software is prou...

SWF Demo Maker

XYZ Software is proud to present "SWF Demo Maker v2.0", the best demo making application creating industrial standard SWF files. "SWF Demo Maker v2.0" designed as a powerful and user-friendly tool that will enable you to capture your screen changes, edit frames individually and convert them to streaming SWF files. The advantage of SWF Demo Maker from the tools on market today is that SWF Demo Maker has a built in optimization engine that deals with each frame individually and cuts all the unnecessary parts to reduce file size of the output. During our testing process of the program a standard mouse movement with 800x600 resolution captured for 1 minute with SWF Demo Maker output is 200 Kbytes on size. SWF Demo Maker can also be used on web development like flash advertisements, simple demos and etc. Main features of SWF Demo Maker are as follows; Automatic Capturing of all or a desired location on screen. Macromedia Flash like Timeline for editing, adding, moving or removing frames / key frames. Importing external images to a project (All known image formats are supported). Exporting images from a project (All known image formats are supported). Optimization engine calculating all of the frames seperatly relative to their parent frames and deleting all the unnecessary pixels from a frame. Click, Double Click , Rollover mouse Actions. Keyboard Actions. Textbox Actions. Drag Drop Actions. Highlight Box objects. Text Captions. Supports multiple actions on a single frame. Can Post data to a web server Database. Suitable for designing plot branch movies. Easy-to-use interface. Project files contain all the information needed to recreate the swf. (Images / Frame and Movie Properties etc.) High compression rate with Optimization engine currently not available on other products creating SWF Content. Calculation of the optimization ration on design time. Previewing and serving the output to clients without the need for Flash. SWF Demo Maker is a graphics software.

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Mail Finder is an el...

Mail Finder Fast

Mail Finder is an elegant tool for finding email addresses on a specified domain.It is fast,reliable and easy to use.It can verify up to 120.000 emails per hour on a standart telephone line connection with a 56K modem.While you can use the program with the wordlists you have created,Mail Finder Fast also can generate the email addresses to be verified for you.Mail Finder Fast is designed to work fully integrated with Mass Mailer(from XYZSoftware).Just grab the email addresses with Mail Finder Fast and send fully costimized emails to your clients.And at last,during long periods of verifing emails Mail Finder logs all the mails verified so that if something goes wrong you won't have to spend all the process from the beginning. Mail Finder Fast is a internet software.

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Convert it is a prog...

Convert It

Convert it is a program converting various types of measurement units(supports more than 200 unit types).The program has seven main categories of units each containing lots of unit types in them.These categories are as follows; Length Weight Volume Area Density Power and Count it also has a section which calculates scaling.The program is fully customizable by default it supports English Turkish and German if needed other languages can be adapted easily.It can also learn new units and make conversions between the integrated units in the program and the units that have been taught.Allowing the users for assigning shortcuts to the units which are used often makes Convert It more user-friendly. Convert It is a education software.

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