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This is a classic ga...

Ganga Dealer

This is a classic game of buying and selling set against a backdrop of the ghettos of America. You begin the game with $100 and is it your objective to make as much money as you can by buying and selling various types of drugs. As you travel the various cities your aim will be to buy low and sell high, using all your capitalist know-how in the process. It isn't all plain sailing though and you can expect both good and bad fortune to befall you in the shape of lucky drug finds or unexpected muggings. Overall I would highly recommend this game for some addictive wheeling and dealing. Happy Gaming! This games software is listed under roleplaying games, simulation games, strategy games.

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Article Notepad is a...

Article Notepad

Article Notepad is a very useful piece of software which allows you to create, edit, and save your internet articles in one place allowing you easier organisation of your articles. No longer do you need to keep your articles in txt or doc files scattered thoughout your hardrive. Article Notepad license is shareware and it is listed in text editors, editors, document editors software.

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