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My eDiary

An excellent tool for both home and office work. You can use it to keep track of your personal information and just as easily use it for business data. MyeDiary lets you keep a private diary, or other personal or business memo. Entries are stored in an encrypted file with optional password protection only known by yourself and can contain formatted text, pictures, sounds and even other documents. Entries can be added, deleted, edited, browsed and managed by day, month, year or entry date, printed, imported, and exported. So, if you're looking for a tool to help keep you organized, at home or at work, this is it! Give it a try for yourself -- I recommend it highly! personal information tool shareware listed in personal information tool section.

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Block any specific URL, domain name or type of file easily! SNetGuard record your browsing habits. SNetGuard can eliminate all of unwanted URL,type of file,intrusive clutter by Intelligently blocking any file type (graphics, music,flash,Java scripts, referrers, rogue cookies, and applets ...)! Andwhen all you need is high-speed information, Block graphics for graphic-free browsing. Block any specific IP address! Block unwanted IP connection Block annoying ad pop-up windows! Internet advertising and pop-ups can slow down your browsing to a tenth of its speed,SNetGuard can block ad pop-up windows Log all URLs that are visited! You will see all the Http requests(URL)!Help you block unwanted URL domain name or type of file. Log all IP address that are connected! You will see which program made that connection.Help you block unwanted IP connection! Anti Trojan... Proctected you kids surfing the Internet! Parents have access to a password protected. internet security,url filter,ip filter,utilities shareware listed in internet security,url filter,ip filter,utilities section.

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