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phpSHIELD PHP Encoder

phpSHIELD protects your PHP Source Code with a powerful, easy to use encoder, which creates a native bytecode version of the script and then encrypts it. This development tools commercial phpSHIELD PHP Encoder is categorized under web development asp, php.

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ByteRun Protector for PHP

Protect your PHP scripts from being pirated. Convert your PHP scripts to unreadable but still executable form. ByteRun Protector for PHP is a demo software filed under web development asp, php utilities.

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MySQL Dump Timer

MySQL Backup / MySQL Dump and MySQL Restore scheduler (windows based) for MySQL Databases, local or remote in the Web. The MySQL Dump Timer offers access to every MySQL database. Even if the MySQL database is hosted behind a firewall the MySQL Dump Timer has access to the MySQL database. The MySQL Dump Timer is also able to transfer MySQL databases between different MySQL server. MySQL Backup / MySQl Dump and MySQL Restore at one task.

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This software allows you to create a working web site or PHP application on a CD-ROM. Using a web browser, a user can run php programs as well as view html files on the CD-ROM. Server2Go supports PHP4, SQLite and MySQL. freeware Server2Go is listed in servers web servers tools.

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Backup- and Restore scheduler for MySQL-Databases - local and remote in the Web. The DumpTimer offers access to every MySQL database on the web via HTTP Port 80. Even if the database is hosted behind a firewall the DumpTimer has access to the DB. DumpTimer is licensed as shareware and placed in programming section.

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Google Checkout for Oscommerce

This contribution will add a full support of a Google Checkout service to your Oscommerce store. When using Google checkout at your online store you will be able to allow your customers to buy from you quickly and securely, using a single username and password without any account creation. This development tools commercial Google Checkout for Oscommerce is categorized under web development e-commerce.

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TrafficBooster Increase Web Site Traffic

TrafficBooster Is The Way To Increase Traffic to your Web Site. Creates Thousands Of Laser Targeted Web Site Traffic Pages.Written By Seo Expert George Karamesinis,TrafficBooster Is Designed To Drive Massive Targeted Traffic To Any Website.Download Free Demo Today.Increase Your Website Traffic Using this Amazing Traffic Generator.Internet Traffic is Very Important.Get Free Web Site Traffic.This Is a Must Have Marketing Tool.

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PHP Locker

Protect shipped PHP code without any additional loaders. PHP Locker is powerful software for encoding your PHP source code. It makes PHP code very difficult to understand or reverse-engineer. Compare with other PHP encoding software, it doesn't need to install any additional loadable modules on client server. This shareware is archived under web development asp, php category.

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generateAfeed dB - PHP

generateAfeed dB is a script based tool which generates automatically RSS feeds for your website from the information contained in a database. generateAfeed dB is easy to install and contain an HTML webpage to configure all your websitfeeds. generateAfeed dB - PHP is a commercial software filed under web development asp, php utilities.

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TrafficTrapper Marketing Tool

TrafficTrapper Is The Marketing Tool That Creates Thousands Of Laser Targeted Marketing Pages.Conceived And Written By Internet Marketing Millionaire George Karamesinis,TrafficTrapper Is Designed To Drive Massive Targeted Traffic To Any Website.. TrafficTrapper Marketing Tool is licensed as demo and placed in business, other, internet, marketing, network, windows, unix section.

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YellowTip Web Server

The YellowTip Web Server was developed to make available a highly professional and easily installable package of Apache, PHP4, MySQL4, phpMyAdmin and Zend Optimizer for the Windows platform (Win2K, WinXP). With a convenient all-in-one installer, all components are installed in a single directory and can be used immediately after the installation process has completed. An uninstaller is included.

PHP Documentation Tool

The PHP Documentation Tool automatically builds technical documentation for PHP web applications. Good tool for a webmaster or a PHP developer.

Eschelbacher Enterprises WebEditor

WebEditor is an easy to install (5 minute setup) PHP content management tool, which allows you to administer your website from everywhere without any programming knowledge. Eschelbacher Enterprises WebEditor is licensed as shareware and placed in internet section.


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