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Acute Softwares Filelist

This is a fast file viewer designed for people who use a lot of files at once in different directories, or who want to quickly view the contents of any text, graphics or HTML file. Also views Office documents. Acute Softwares Filelist is a shareware software filed under browser, file viewer, utility, file, find utilities.

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FileTimeEdit 2

Batch edit all the attributes of files and directories freely. You may select a group of files even directories, and change their createtime, modifytime, accesstime and other file attributes in batch. Moreover, the undo function allow you to rollback. FileTimeEdit 2 is licensed as shareware and filed in file tools section.

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!1 Power ID3 Editor

Power ID3 Editor is a full featured and ease-to-use tag editor for MP3, WMA and OGG files. Using Power ID3 Editor you can easily edit, add or delete ID3 TAGs data for your audio files. Single file and batch editing are both supported. Audio shareware !1 Power ID3 Editor is listed in audio tools.

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Isg WinCommand

Advanced Windows Command Line. The idea of Isg WinCommand was to combine the possibilities of a command prompt (DOS prompt) with the main possibilities of a file manager like changing directories or launching programs by mouseclick! This shareware is archived under file management, system tools category.

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Mp3 Tag Assistant Pro

Effective editor of mp3 tags, playlist/filelist generator and music file manager. The program has some unique features for editing large file lists. The program makes it possible to maximally automate the process of editing tags and other operations. This audio shareware Mp3 Tag Assistant Pro is categorized under mp3, mp3 tag editor, mp3 editor, mp3 utilities, music, multimedia, media, audio.

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BatchRename 2

"BatchRename" is for you to rename files freely with all kinds of rules you defined as many as you like. This shareware is archived under file rename tools category.

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Disk usage analyzer. Creates list of files and directory trees. Can be used for changing file date, time and attributes. FolderInfo is licensed as shareware and filed in file, disk management, disk cleaners section.

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AVD FileList

This software collect the information about files and sub-folders

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FOSI is tool to visualize the size of the folders on a hard disk. Browse through the folders via Bar Chart or Pie Chart or ListView and see clearly where your HD space is gone to. Options: Print Chart, Save Image, Rotate Chart, Include Free Space etc. FoSi++ is a shareware software filed under disk utilities, file management utilities.

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Music Tag Editor

This audio software is a simple-to-use program that allows you to change "tagged" information about your MP3/WMA music files. Quickly change music filenames, create playlists and even add lyrics to your music files, with full UNICODE support. Audio shareware Music Tag Editor is listed in audio, multimedia other tools.

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