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SiteSearcher quickly searches a website for the files you're interested in, and then downloads them automatically. SiteSearcher can quickly grab the "good stuff" from websites, saving you the time and effort of searching for it yourself. Example Uses: Download every MP3 or .WAV file off of a web site. Grab thousands of JPEG files from a web site with a few clicks. Quickly find all the PDF files on a web site, select which ones you want, and have SiteSearcher download them for you. Search a news site for any articles relating to the Presidency. SiteSearcher outperforms the competition in speed and stability. Just tell SiteSearcher what kind of files you are interested in, point it at a web site, and let SiteSearcher do the rest! This internet software is listed under internet spider,download manager,search engine.

Keywords: pdf files jpeg files wav file mp3 news site good stuff grab size font user accounts

spIE (pronounced &qu...


spIE (pronounced "spy") integrates with Internet Explorer to provide additional security and logging features to help prevent net abuse. These features can be useful for monitoring your children's web usage, or your employees web habits. You can also closely control which web pages are accessible from your computer. Features: Logs every web site visited by Internet Explorer. Logs every keystroke entered into Internet Explorer. You control which sites can be visited. Runs invisibly. No trace of spIE can easily be seen. Simple to install and use. Can monitor all computers on a network. (requires special installation on each computer) Optional logging message can be displayed. Displays browser activity in an easy to read HTML format. Logs are encrypted. This internet software is listed under internet monitoring, spyware.

Keywords: spie internet explorer web pages encrypted optional logging web usage keystroke logs web habits html format computer features logging features spy browser activity bandwidth throttling image area

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