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Cookie Editor

This tool is an application that helps you to manage cookies set by the browser. Cookie Editor allows you to control your privacy by allowing you to see, edit, delete or block any unwanted cookies. Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Netscape. Cookie Editor is a shareware software filed under miscelaneous, internet utilities.

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Actual Zip Repair

This utility is a fast and efficient zip files repairer that lets you unpack damaged zip and sfx archives of any size and restore files within. Batch processing of multiple archives and support for spanned and encrypted zip files are available. This utilities shareware Actual Zip Repair is categorized under system utilities file compression.

zip archive zip file zip repair


CryptoMite enables you to encrypt, decrypt, and wipe files and folders of any type. It supports various encryption engines, along with zip compression. Functions to build self-extracting encrypted zip files and eMail capabilities are also included. CryptoMite is a shareware software filed under encryption, security, security, file utilities, encryption tools utilities.

cryptomite decrypting encrypted zip files


This software is a powerful encryption and compression utility that allows you to create encrypted files and text messages with up to 448-bit encryption using the advanced Blowfish encryption algorithm. JvCrypt is a shareware software filed under security utilities.

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Cyber Agent

Find, download, encrypt and view, pictures & videos. Block popups, manage cookies, protect your privacy while you surf the web. Erase your Internet tracks & manage all your Instant Messengers. While the "Hide" Boss Key ensures you don't get caught. This internet shareware Cyber Agent is categorized under privacy, popup blocker, cookie manager, download manager, media storage, picture viewer, video viewer.

easy access encrypt internet activity

Advanced Zip Repair

This software (AZR) is a powerful tool to repair corrupt Zip files and Self Extracting(SFX) files. It can scan the Zip archives and recover your data in them as much as possible, so to minimize the loss in file corruption. Advanced Zip Repair is licensed as shareware and filed in compression tools, file repair tools section.

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Encrypted Files Search

EFS - is a file search utility designed to locate encrypted files on your hard disk. What can it do? EFS allows to find any zip file, which has a password (is encrypted) and PGP disks. Why use it? Use it to find important data on your hard disk. This utilities shareware Encrypted Files Search is categorized under file utilities encryption tools, file utilities file managers, system utilities file management, system utilities security.

encrypted zip file file formats hard disk

Backup Chunker

This software is a backup/synchronization solution with unique features! Perform multiple synchronizations between computers, USB disks, MP3 players, secure FTP & WebDav hosts. Can also backup into multiple compressed and/or encrypted zip files. This shareware is archived under system utilities backup, restore category.

chunker strength encryption synchronization solution

Lokad Desktop Sales Forecasting

Integrate sales forecasting reports in your commerce/accounting application. Smart inventory management is a cornerstone of profitability. Get daily / weekly / monthly forecasts for each product of your catalog. Cut and paste to MS Excel. Business freeware Lokad Desktop Sales Forecasting is listed in business accounting, finance tools.

compiere accuracy accounting


This software is a powerful developer tool for editing structured binary files. FileCarver increases productivity by allowing the developer to write simple XML file format definitions to quickly prototype and implement GUI editors for binary files. Development Tools shareware FileCarver is listed in development source editors tools.

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