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Full featured customer realtionship and contact management software, this organiser and opportunity management package can improve everyones business or personal time management. Multiple User Collaborative capability allows remote users to share information. OLE integration with Microsoft Office leverages the investment already made on other productivity tools. CallerID facility allows contact records to be opened by incoming telephone call. Track missed incoming calls even if caller does not leave a message. Auto build quotations with a click of a button, providing full product breakdown and specification. Advanced customer management package that allows businesses, of any size, to benefit from opportunity management. This business software is listed under crm, cms, pim, organiser, organizer, sales automation.

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System7 is a multi u...

System7 SUL

System7 is a multi user contact and opportunity management interface for the Microsoft Windows environment. The package operates with Microsoft Office to provide a complete customer management package. Find contacts and their related correspondence quickly and easily, track and build customer quotations with point and click ease, trace customer contact history, manage multiple diaries and generate forecasting and sales reports in seconds. Click to Website, email and CallerID logging is all provided as standard. System7 is available for single users with standard schema functions through to unlimited licensing with open source code for full system integration and unlimited expansion. System7 SUL is a demo categorized under pim, contact manager, crm, cms tools.

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abASE Electronic Dia...

abASE Diary

abASE Electronic Diary and Calendar looks just like your desktop diary, but it does not run out at the end of each year and you always have a copy of your agenda in your computer. Not a luxury, a necessity. This electronic diary will help you organise your time fast and effectively. abASE Diary license is demo and it is listed in diary, pim, organiser, organizer, agenda software.

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