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Liquid menu pro is a...

Liquid menu pro

Liquid menu pro is a flash menu, easy to configure by it`s custom user interface. It looks like glass tubes that fills with colored liquid on roll over. Options: -set the total number of buttons -set the buttons text, URL to open and target -set the text in the top of the menu -set the menu theme , liquid color -set the sounds for the buttons on/off. Liquid menu pro is a demo categorized under flash design, flash tools tools.

Keywords: flash menu glass tubes text url target liquid color user interface eyes and ears driving directions

Easy to use flash me...

Cromas xml menu

Easy to use flash menu, does not require flash to be used, only the "player" plugin that is installed on any web browser, easy to use, just insert the swf file in a web page and edit the xml file that comes with the menu, by editing the config XML file you can set the buttons text, the number of buttons, url to open, target frame, button colors, text color, custom cursor on/off and cursor color. This graphics software is listed under flash design, flash tools, web design.

Keywords: button colors web browser frame button target frame player plugin flash menu open target cursor color custom cursor xml file swf file web page export user line drawing

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