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AXCAD is a 100% DWG ...


AXCAD is a 100% DWG compatible and AutoCAD command compatible, is another affordable choice for CAD users. 100% DWG compatible, using DWG as native file format. You won't lose any dwg files to use this affordable CAD. Supports AutoCAD 2007 dwg format (from r2.6~2007) High degree of AutoCAD command set compatible. You won't spend much time on learning AXCAD. Supports LISP and ADS development. Functionally with EXPORT DWG to PDF. AXCAD can speed up and save your drafting time. Launch AXCAD with 5 secondes, when launcing AutoCAD with 45 seconds. This is a shareware listed under graphic apps cad category.

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Parametric driven de...

AutoPara for AutoCAD

Parametric driven design, change the dimension, change your design. Can your AutoCAD do like this? AutoPara, a powerful parametric engine for AutoCAD, make you more productive. AutoPara for AutoCAD is a software.

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