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ER Diagrams and Oracle Schemas generator. Easy to use, lightweight Windows utility to generate database schemas and ERD (Entity Relationship Diagrams). Design databases quickly, print out ERDs or save to colorful image files. O-Schema is a shareware categorized under database tools.

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MySQL is one of the ...


MySQL is one of the best freeware programs ever. I decided to write a freeware utility for MySQL, MySchema MySchema is a very lightweight windows program that lets you design MySQL databases, and share entity ralationship diagrams with you developers. MySQL does not support foreign keys, and this makes it hard to understand the relationships in a MySQL database. MySchema allows you to draw links between tables in your database. This can save you alot of time and possible lost data. If you like MySchema, try O-Schema for Oracle at MySchema license is freeware and it is listed in database software.

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