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PhotoMagic version 2.0 is an excellent tool which allows you to quickly rename, resize, convert and apply special effects to multiple images in just a few easy steps. Some of the exciting features included with PhotoMagic include. Batch rename images in a few simple steps Reduce images sizes also reduces the overall file size which is ideal for emailing Convert the images into a different file type Apply special effects to the images. Supports Windows Imaging Acquisition (WIA) The program has been designed around a Wizard based interface which makes it extremely easy to use. Whether you are an advanced computer user or just starting out, we are confident that you will find PhotoMagic a pleasure to use. Digital Camera Users. If you use a Digital camera, then adding PhotoMagic to your current software collection is certainly worth considering especially when it comes to batch renaming all your favorite images. Photomagic is a shareware categorized under graphic apps viewers tools.

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Printing covers for ...

Cover Gold Pro

Printing covers for CD jewel cases and DVD boxes couldn't me made any more easier. Cover Gold pro will automatically resize the images for you. All you have to do is, select the covers and press the print button. The program has an easy to use interface and is a must for creating perfect backup CD or DVD covers for your collection. Cover Gold Pro is a must if you print either CD or DVD covers. Features include Easy to follow user interface Preset templates for standard CD jewel cases and DVD boxes Print preview Quick links to cover sites Online help Full technical support. cd utilities shareware listed in cd utilities section.

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Digital cameras are ...


Digital cameras are becoming more and more popular, especially when it comes to taking those special holiday snaps and those special moments at the children's birthday parties. Unfortunately, when it comes to actually saving them on the home computer for safe keeping, it does a poor job at Naming the photo's into something that actually makes any sense.. E.G. My camera saves the pictures with a default name of DSC001, DSC002,DSC003 etc etc. To actually sit down and manually rename them becomes a long and tedious task especially if you use the camera a lot. In fact, the time taken to rename them could be longer than it actually took you to take the photo's in the first instance. Look No Further... We have come to your rescue by developing a small yet powerful program that will rename hundred's of photo's in a matter of seconds saving you enormous time and effort. The program is so simple to use, just right click the folder containing your photo's, select DigiCam from the menu, Type in a New name and Press Ok. DigiCam is a utilities software.

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DVD Cover Searcher i...

DVD Cover Searcher

DVD Cover Searcher is a windows based program which is designed to find and download DVD keep case covers and CD labels. Hunting those DVD covers and CD labels can be both time consuming and frustrating. This is where DVD Cover Searcher comes to the rescue. With over 7,000 keep case cover and over 2,300 CD labels available, you are sure to fins what you are looking for. The online database which DVD Cover searches get new additions daily. The interface is very user friendly and you can even change the appearance by loading in extra skins which are built into the program. utilities shareware listed in utilities section.

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Print Swap sits in t...

print swap

Print Swap sits in the system tray and provides a fast way to switch between printers on your PC. Right click the icon in the system tray and toggle/change between different Printers installed on your system. print swap is a shareware categorized under printers tools.

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If you're a fan of t...

Sudoku Challenge

If you're a fan of the new Sudoku puzzles that are sweeping the country, or would like to learn about these fascinating puzzles, you'll really enjoy our new Sudoku Challenge. With a single click, you can create your own puzzles with up to 5 levels of difficulty. You can solve puzzles on-screen, with no need for a pencil and eraser, print puzzles and lots more 5 levels of difficulty (Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard). Print puzzles to solve away from the computer. Solve the puzzles on screen. Save and load puzzles. Pencil marks to help you in solving the puzzles. Top 10 High Score List for each level of difficulty. Billions of puzzle combinations generated by the computer Customizable menu position (Left or Right) Select from 10 soothing background music tracks (Toggle on/off). Built in sound effects (Toggle on/off). This is a shareware listed under games, entertainment puzzle, word games category.

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DVD Cover Gold 3.0 i...

DVD Cover Gold

DVD Cover Gold 3.0 is a slick windows program that will print all types of media covers and disc labels with the greatest of ease. One of the attracting things about this program is the professional but at the same time easy to use user interface, which makes it ideal for any computer user regardless of their knowledge. Having gone to all the effort of backing up your favorite Movie, Music or PC game CD or DVD, then why spoil it by reproducing poorly sized and printed covers. Regardless of your individual level of knowledge, we have made this program extremely easy to use. Printing covers or disc labels could not be any easier, simply browse for the cover, view it and select print. The ability to print covers for the slim line cases have made this program very popular. If you are looking for a low cost windows application that will enable you to print perfect covers then DVD Cover Gold is the one for you. Avoid any possible damage to your CD/DVD drive or player, which can sometimes occur with labels that peel off from heat, wear and time. Many manufacturers of CD and DVD drives warn customers against using adhesive labels on CDs or DVDs because the adhesive label could delaminate and damage the drive. This graphics software is listed under graphic apps viewers.

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