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onlineTV is far more than only a Medienplayer; onlineTV is a Multimedia Player! Over the intuitive surface the user access to different media, e.g. on more as 400 TV- and radiostations, more as 130 Webcam servers, more as 50 direct newspaper on the left of, more as 130 Musicvideo's and many more ... onlineTV lets itself Radiostreams comfortably be recorded and than WAVE or MP3-Datei be converted. With onlineTV the Toolbar you have at any time access to all onlineTV radiosender, newspaper, Webcam's and TV Streams directly from the InterNet and Windows Explorer. After the installation the Toolbar appears automatic in the InterNet Explorer as well as in the Windows Explorer symbol border. So you can show your favourite transmitter with few mouse Klicks during surf fast and simply. Their song is played in the radio and you would like to take up it directly? Fitting way equal into the MP3-Format for the MP3-Walkman? They can with onlineTV with one simply mouse-click the current output to take up and as WAVE or as MP3-File store alternatively; thus you can use onlineTV also as on-line Rekorder. The automatic level adjustment prevents thereby an over-regulation of the admission, the tracing recognition (possibly unnecessary) the admission of rendition tracing. Convert WAV files into the compressed MP3-Format... with the integrated converter a children's game! Define the desired quality and one mouse-click are provided the MP3-File later. onlineTV contains several hundreds of videos from all ranges, which are clearly sorted according to interpreter. They would like to see your favourite song with the pertinent video, without waiting for hours for it on the television? No problem with onlineTV! And the best: the list is regularly extended. This (absolute) innovation is the AVI Creator, with whose assistance you can provide their own AVI Videodatei with few Mausklicks from existing bit-map files. onlineTV is Freeware! internet freeware listed in internet section.

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With the help of MobileAssistant you make every PC your own. Use your personal favourites, My files - your home desktop any time on every other PC. When you log in you can use your personal datas from every application, your explorer-favourites, in fact. After leaving, the settings of the system will be neglected and it looks like you never used this PC. And all without tiresome copying and in real time! However, on request My files, favourites, cookies etc. can be transported problem-free with MobileAssistant . MobileAssistant transforms your USB-Stick in a polished security system. For example, you can make that the start and operation of the PC depend on the used USB-Stick. Further tools support your mobility: The Passwort-Safe helps you with the management of your passwords, naturally protected and only to see on your original stick. Manage your adresses direct on the stick, completely protected as well. MobileSync synchronizes files and directories, so that you ever use the relevant files, on the stick as well on your workplace. MobileData, the mobile data safe, compress and encodes any files and saves the general file on the USB-Stick. MobileAssistant supports every USB-Stick, with USB 1.1 as well as with USB 2.0-interface and the ThumbDrive. The ThumbDrive USB-Stick encodes your datas through your fingerprint, so that only you have the key to your datas. MobileAssistant is a shareware categorized under file management tools.

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