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ShowMaker is designed to help you quickly develop great slide shows and photo albums to distribute stand-alone on a disk/cd or on the Internet as html. You can also add advanced features like a thumbnail page, music, texts and more. ShowMaker comes with a small high-quality royalty free stand-alone replayer for disk or cd-rom distribution - requiring no installation on the client machines. You can even have a slide show on cd start automatically when the cd is inserted! ShowMaker is also a speed optimised picture browser, with features like 'zoom quality enhancement' and 'include files from subfolders'. Create slide shows, photo albums and image galleries for web or CD-ROM, from the same one project setup. Output final results as either HTML or as a stand-alone slide show with high quality replayer. Powerful standalone replayer that runs on almost any Windows computer. It preloads graphics, and thereby almost eliminates any delay. It also has superior image quality! Add a Menu/Index/Thumbnail page with customizable layout very easily. Add complex slides with embedded images and texts or thumbnail pages with just a click. Show a title on each image very easily. Add sound and music. Use an image browser with advanced zoom facilities, zoom quality enhancement and thumbnail cashing for improved browsing speed. Also, listen to midi files. Include contents from subfolders on-the-fly while browsing multimedia files. Find a 'super-palette' (best fit for multiple pictures) and convert all pictures in a setup to this palette in one click. Resize many pictures in one process (Min. max. %, fill empty space, etc.). Convert many different formats image files to the same format in one single step. Run a slide show directly from within the browser. Also, see a folder as a slide show. Very simple, friendly and powerful user-interface makes it very easy to make an impressive result. Drag & drop. 100% keyboard support. ShowMaker license is shareware and it is listed in multimedia -> photo album tools or thumbnail generators software.

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Geetris, a Tetris ex...


Geetris, a Tetris extention - play this high quality and challenging action-puzzle game for Windows Use keen logic and quick thinking to connect coloured areas with bubbles, to have them zapped to the opponent - or just get rid of them by assembling a full line. This exciting action puzzle game adds a new challenging twist to the addictive Tetris (TM) game. Cool graphics, sound and music, and up to 4 simultaneous players. Features smooth animation, high score list, demo and replay, and an option to use mouse control. games - > puzzles or action shareware listed in games - > puzzles or action section.

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Using keen logic and problem-solving skills, you'll face multiple math problems that are set up crossword-style. The math equations are set up horizontally, while a set of numbers in glass-breakers overlap multiple problems vertically. By moving the numbers in the beakers up or down, try to find the right configuration to solve all of the equations. The operation of the game is simple. Handsome photo-quality graphic and a game focused on the gameplay. With the build-in editor, you can also design new puzzles. Talmagi is a software.

Keywords: game horizontally handsome photo logic glass breakers photo quality keen math equations beakers problem solving skills crossword style vertically math problems gameplay puzzles directory comparisons backup disks

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