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Internet Math

480 math word problems from grades 1-8 are solved over the internet using pictures. Since information is saved on the internet, an assignment begun at one location can be finished at another. Problems can be chosen by category, grade level, individually, or automatically by diagnostic test. Whole numbers, fractions, decimals, ratios, proportions and percents are covered. Unlimited free trial. Subscriptions available.

combinations answer problems ratios and percents

Free DVD Ripper

This multimedia utility - rip your favorite DVD movies to popular DivX/Xvid AVI files, H.264 MP4 files Free DVD Ripper was designed to be a DVD ripping tool that will help you rip your favorite DVD movies to popular DivX/Xvid AVI files, H.264 MP4 files, and even iPod MP4 video files with fast DVD ripping speed and excellent quality. This audio freeware Free DVD Ripper is categorized under audio, multimedia rippers, converters.

speed conversion h264 avi format

DVD Rip N' Burn

Copy DVD to AVI, DIVX, MPEG, VCD, SVCD, and more. Powerful and FREE DVD Ripper and Burner with multi-language support is an affordable way to backup your dvd movie library. Backup your dvd's to your hard drive or cd's. you can rip your library to avi compressed pick divx or another codec to encode to. you can rip to vcd for burning a vcd to play in your home dvd player. you can also rip to svcd for burning to play in your home dvd player. DVD Rip N' Burn is a freeware software filed under video editors, audio utilities utilities.

free dvd ripper dvd movies avi compression

CD-DVD Indepth

Whether you want to burn audio, video, data, or backup copies or rip audio files from audio cd's to your pc, this program easily meets all of your CD or DVD burning & ripping needs. Burn data CDs, DVDs, ISO-images, multi-session & bootable CD.

modes fly audio cd

Innovative StartUp Firewall

This utility protects your PC from programs that install themselves in the StartUp area of Windows without asking for your approval. Innovative StartUp Firewall will help keep your computer clean, fast and free of annoyances. This utilities shareware Innovative StartUp Firewall is categorized under system utilities system maintenance.

memory annoyances processing time

Voices in the Abyss

A young marine engineer, David Nichols, in a team of marine engineers intending to explore the Titanic wreck with revolutionary new ultra-deep liquid-oxygen technology, experiences startling visions of living passengers and crew on board an intact ship. He keeps the incidents to himself, and starts to explore the wreck on his own sojourns. In a gripping conclusion, he commits sabotage to return to the wreck to confront the truth.

rms titanic fateful journey david nichols


The NetIPComboBox .Net Component is a combobox control designed for IP Address input. The NetIPComboBox allows/restricts the end user when entering an IP address. NetIPComboBox can be configured to accept wildcard characters. NetIPComboBox also includes a Ping function that allows the currently entered IP address to be checked.Functions are included for using the currently selected IP address to test port availability for HTTP, FTP, POP3, plus

application forms outlook2007 ping function

Javascript Outline Builder

This development tool is a powerful Javascript-producing design tool for creating tree menu system on Web pages. It is possible to define text, URL, target and more for the Javascript Menu. You do not need to write any Javascript code by yourself. Javascript Configuration Program will generate it for you. Preview the Javascript Menu in your favourite web browser without quitting the program. All relative files that you need to upload to server will be saved together with the project file. This shareware is archived under java, javascript, menu, navigation, web design, web development category.

worry javascript menu configuration program


This game is a fun and educational spelling game. Random letters come at ever increasing speed. Your job is to get rid of the letters by using them to spell words before the Letter List overflows. Exact letter sequences can be repeated for competition play. Touch-typists can exclusively use the keyboard for lightning fast elimination of those pesky letters. The rest of us can just use the mouse or a mix. Either way it is a fast paced game. This games shareware WordRace is categorized under word games.

windows 95 random letters lightning


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