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Screensave generatio...


Screensave generation software. Every user can download a lot of free images using e-Wall technology. These images are stored into a dedicated folder. ADVANCE uses all available images to generate automatically a random slideshow as a screensaver. One can add transition effects between photos, audio files (WAV or MP3), text files and configure a lot of features, in order to get your customized screen-savers. This is a freeware listed under generator category.

Keywords: screen saver screensaver screen-saver screen-savers screensavers images customize quick steps

RAMses is a software...


RAMses is a software developed to be just a simple PC RAM memory optimizer. You can monitor RAM status and automatically free a customized value. This version allows save your personal configuration for all sessions. RAMses license is freeware and it is listed in system utilities system maintenance software.

Keywords: ram optimize speed smart ramses memory ram memory defrag game rules

Agent Whois retrieve...

Agent Whois

Agent Whois retrieve information about internet domains status. With a nice graphic inteface, you can retrieve information about any domain and print it. The program generates automatically a report with all details about domain you looking for, with creation date. In order to use Agent Whois, user needs an Internet connection. This internet software is listed under network, internet search and lookup tools.

Keywords: whois global domain domains local area

e-Counter is a digit...


e-Counter is a digital counter who displays count-downs specified by the user. When time finishes, the program can execute (1) a sound, (2) a visual effect in the main window, (3) shutdown the system, (4) hang up internet connection, (5) hang up internet connection, wait 30 seconds and then shutdown the system, (6) display an image, (7) hibernate PC, (8) run external file, (9) lock a workstation,(10) display text message and (11) display FLASH files. It s very easy to translate interface and menus, with an external driver and an integrated language changer (11 languages available in that version). You can switch easily into normal or compact mode. All languages are integrated into EXE-installer! You can lock the program with a password during count-down: this security feature disable the access to the TASK MANAGER until the time is end or until user match correct password. system utilities launchers, task managers freeware listed in system utilities launchers, task managers section.

Keywords: counter digital hangup alarm reminder security automation task tasks new millennium

PictureBot catches I...

PictureBot Extended

PictureBot catches Internet images from any website. All images are added to target folders choosed by user for an advanced management of your desktop. In this version, you can configure 5 different target folders. PictureBot doesn't require any additional plugin, because is using COPY function, available in all web browsers. User can set a customized capture resolution, in order to get all Internet images. PictureBot Extended is a utilities software.

Keywords: clipboard monitoring capture image images desktop wallpaper wallpapers survey forms

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