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AddressGrabber Business

Manually entering contact details into any application is quite a hassle. Not only that it consumes a lot of valuable time but also results in lot of typos. AddressGrabber automatically extracts and transfers name and address information into desired application, and thus eliminates need for manual contact data entry. To import a contact 1. Highlight the contact information 2. Click on AddressGrabber The contact information gets added into your database instantly. AddressGrabber's advanced duplicate check facility helps you maintain a clean and non-redundant database. Once AddressGrabber identifies a duplicate of the contact that you are trying to capture, the tool provides you 3 options: 1. Add as new contact 2. Update existing contact 3. Skip transfer With AddressGrabber, you import contact details in any format. The super intelligent text identifier in-built inside AddressGrabber Business helps you also extract and import contact information from web form responses quickly, easily and accurately into your lead database. AddressGrabber Business is a complete data capture solution for small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs and home based business professionals. This little utility takes care of your contact entry, order entry, shipping entry and contact entry into online postage applications. AddressGrabber Business seamlessly integrates with ACT!, Outlook, GoldMine, Palm, QuickBooks, Peachtree, FedEx, UPS, DAZzle, and many more. The package also includes an easy-to-use form filler, which will help you quickly fill up online forms. Now you can concentrate more on your business while AddressGrabber will work for you 24X7 importing valuable contacts for you into your database. Use AddressGrabber Business - Experience Instant Productivity! This is a shareware listed under soho, small business tools, small business software, smb, entreprenerus tool, business, professional services, accountants category.

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ListGrabber Standard

ListGrabber can capture name, address, email, phone and fax numbers, etc of business contacts from online directories, email signatures, and also spreadsheets and documents. It then transfers these details instantly into respective contact fields in your database. You can use it to build your own list of prospects to whom you can market your services or products. Use our sales and marketing software to capture lead lists/ prospect lists into your address book or contact manager (ACT!, Outlook, Excel, GoldMine, etc.) A Powerful Lead Generation Software Use ListGrabber to generate sales leads and business leads on your own. You can capture 1000's of sales leads and business leads from online directories in mere seconds. Now you will be able to generate sales leads faster, make more business contacts and be productive like never before. Improve your connect time with prospects and increase your sales conversion ratio. Download a free trial of ListGrabber today and discover how our lead generation software helps in improving your business. A Powerful Online Sales Prospecting Tool Do you spend considerable time prospecting for leads online? Does it leave you with little time for more important activities, such as selling? Now, you can use the following sales prospecting technique to easily build a list of prospects from freely available online resources. You can use ListGrabber to grab and import contact lists from Yellow Pages, SuperPages, White Pages,, or any other publicly available online directory. It was never so easy to capture contact lists/ prospect lists/ lead lists accurately. Its Productivity Software to benefit your business and career ListGrabber is useful in the following areas: - Business lead/ Sales lead generation. - Internet Mortgage Lead Generation. - Online Lead Generation in general. ListGrabber is one of the most popular tools in categories such as ACT! add ons, CRM add ons, Outlook add ins, etc. This is a shareware listed under business office suites, tools category.

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