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ICQ Spy Monitor XP

Best ICQ chatting spying software. Spy stealthily so that the user won't know such monitoring exists. Possible usages of ICQ Spy Monitor include: Spy employees, children and spouse chatting on ICQ. View logging records from the program or send a report to a pre-determined email address. Use your hotkey to activate it from complete stealth mode and protect program access by password. Uninstall it easily from the program interface. This utilities shareware ICQ Spy Monitor XP is categorized under security, privacy access control.

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SpyPal Keylogger Spy 2010

Monitoring tool SpyPal Keylogger Spy can secretly record all keystrokes typed on your computer. It runs in an invisible mode on your PC. You can check logging reports by simply receiving emails or opening a web page. Perfect for catching cheaters, monitoring employees, children or spouse, and even investigating crimes. Utilities shareware SpyPal Keylogger Spy 2010 is listed in security, privacy covert surveillance tools.

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Stealth KeyLogger

This utility is an invisible, easy to use surveillance application, designed to monitor and record all activities on a computer. Perfectly suited for both office and home use Stealth KeyLogger offers detailed information on who uses your computer, their e-mails and chat conversations, the visited web sites, programs run as well as actual screenshots of their activity and keystrokes history.

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Stealth WebSite Logger

Stealth Website Logger is an invisible, easy to use surveillance application that monitors and records all websites visited by a user or computer. Stealth WebSite Logger is licensed as shareware and placed in security, privacy other section.

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Power Spy Software 2007

Power Spy, invisible keylogger, email and messenger spy software. It records all keystrokes typed, MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, ICQ messenger, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Messenger and Skype's chat text, websites visited, emails read, documents opened, windows opened, clipboard activaties, passwords typed and applications executed. Power Spy software even takes screen snapshots at your set interval like a surveillance camera. This shareware is archived under security, privacy covert surveillance category.

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Agent Password

This software is a program that logs all passwords entered. It can be used not only as password keeping software but as a password spy, too. The application requires very low system resources, runs invisibly in the background and is easy to use. Agent Password is a shareware software filed under web surfing security, system utilities security utilities.

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MSN Spy Monitor XP

Best MSN 6.0-7.0 chatting spying software. Spy employees, children and spouse chatting on MSN in stealth mode. Send reports to a set email address. Use your hotkey to activate it from complete stealth mode and protect program access by password. Utilities shareware MSN Spy Monitor XP is listed in security, privacy access control tools.

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F-Secure Internet Security 2005

This internet utility protects your PC against threats coming from Internet. This award-winning product includes an easy-to-use Internet Security software with Anti-Virus, Firewall, Anti-Spyware and Parental Control. Internet commercial F-Secure Internet Security 2005 is listed in security, privacy anti-virus tools tools.

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