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xrSoccer is very sim...


xrSoccer is very simple but a really fun game. Try it and you will see it for yourself. You can make three moves in a turn. You cannot go twice between the same fields. Build the web of moves and block your opponent (computer) from reaching your goal. One of the players said "I did not have so much fun since Tetris." This is a game of logic, strategy, and mental concentration. xrSoccer is a software.

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xrEvidence allows Po...


xrEvidence allows Police Departments to keep track of evidence. Each evidence item is associated with its case. You may keep detailed information about evidence items, including property category and type, manufacturer and model, year made, color, serial number, UPC, currency type and amount, narcotic type, special warnings, etc. Items and cases can be combined in batches. Action may be preformed on item, case, and batch levels. You may take digital images of items. Print and scan barcodes for items, cases, batches, locations, and employees with xrEvidence. Collect barcodes remotely and upload them to the system. Customize actions that can be performed on items, cases and batches. Print Item History and Chain of Custody reports. System administrator can set extensive range of permissions for the users. All screens in xrEvidence are interrelated - view associated records with the click of a button. xrEvidence is highly customizable - you can add/edit/delete any record in dropdown fields. business inventory, barcoding commercial listed in business inventory, barcoding section.

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