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This internet utility is a standard RADIUS server for network authentication, accounting. This internet freeware WinRadius is categorized under authentication and accounting server.

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ie quick saver

IE Quick Saver allows you to instantly save any web page while you are viewing in Internet Explorer. Save directory and file type can be set in advanced. Just click a button on the IE tool band all have done for you to save a web page. Internet shareware ie quick saver is listed in network, internet browser tools tools.

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Random letter block will drop down to bottom step by step, just like the tetris game, use left and right arrow key to move the letter block, use space or down arrow key to accelerate block dropping. When the block drop to the bottom, the correct word(3-8 letters) will be moved, and the above blocks will drop to the bottom. The correct words will be listed in the box on the right. If the new letter block can't drop, game over. Wortris is a shareware software filed under games, entertainment puzzle, word games utilities.

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Stop Thief Screen Saver

Pixel Paradox makes NO claim that STOP THIEF will prevent any kind of criminal activity whatsoever, under any circumstances. It has NO ability to detect motion, or call the police. Everything is FAKE. Stop Thief Screen Saver is licensed as time-limited trial and placed in , screensavers, screensavers section.

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An easy to use Internet phone for Mac OS X using VoIP to provide crystal clear voice quality in an attractively sleek interface. The quick configuration will allow you to get talking to other iSoftPhone users in seconds. iSoftPhone is integrated with the Mac OS X address book to make calls and manage contacts. Simply dial the number of the person you wish to talk with or select them from contacts to call.

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Merge Cells Wizard

This business software is an add-in that joins cells values. Use Merge Cells Wizard each time you need to place values from several cells to one cell or when you need to join several cells preserving the values of these cells. It allows you to join the selected cells in one cell, row by row or column by column using some separator. You can clear the cells the values from which have been joined or merge all areas in the selection. This business shareware Merge Cells Wizard is categorized under office applications spreadsheets, excel add-ins, excel.

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Animated Beauty Of Christmas Screensaver

Christmas motifs in flash cards one after another, Christmas written in different colors and backgrounds. This screensaver combines two design elements seamlessly for an amazing experience. Download and watch this animated screensaver now to feel the Christmas season lift your spirits and cheer you up. Animated Beauty Of Christmas Screensaver is licensed as freeware and placed in screen savers, screen saver, screensavers, screensaver, desktop enhancements, desktop utilities section.

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Dataconomy Workbook Standard Edition

Using this program it is possible to manage and visualize appointments, tasks and activities restructurable in tabular form (like the list view in Microsoft Outlook). Customers, production sites, contracts, projects, product installations, orders and support tickets could be assigned (and managed too). Dataconomy Workbook Standard Edition is licensed as demo and placed in business pims, calendars section.

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