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Biorhythms Guide

Biorhythms Guide is a dialog-based application, which calculates (using Kotelnic's method) the dates of the so called "days of tiredness". Kotelnic's method uses the refined values of physical, emotional and intellectual biorhythm period lengths (for example the length of emotional biorhythm period constitutes 28.4261246 days ). The method also takes into consideration biorhythms with the periods equal to 1/4th of the fundamental biorhythms periods. This "short" biorhythms are just responsible for "days of tiredness". Biorhythms Guide allows you to predict the dates of vital power decrease and prevent, or at least minimize, undesirable consequences. The software features a simple, wizard-like interface and short, yet detailed, help, which includes the overview of the biorhythms fundamental basis. Biorhythms Guide is a shareware categorized under home, hobby hobbeis,home, hobby health, nutrition,home, hobby calendars, planners tools.

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