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Fax Server Pro

A client and server fax system designed to integrates fax communication with your IT infrastructure. Sending a fax is as simple as printing from any Windows application. Incoming fax is routed directly to desktops or email as PDF file. This internet shareware Fax Server Pro is categorized under communications fax tools.

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Calling-Us Professional ISDN-Suite

ISDN Communication suite - Answering equipment,Voice-to-eMail, PC-Telephone, Call forwarding, Callback, Callthrough, Serial-voice-messages, etc. Please see for details! Calling-Us Professional ISDN-Suite is a demo software filed under isdn, communication, telephony utilities.

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Powerful and feature rich fax server software system. ActFax has been designed for network-wide transmission and receipt of fax messages, as well as sending and forwarding fax messages by email. The software runs on any Windows version from Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 Server or Vista (Server and Workstation edition) and also supports terminal servers. This internet shareware ActFax is categorized under communications fax tools.

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RelayFax Server

RelayFax is a powerful email-to-fax and fax-to-email fax server. RelayFax Pro automates the process of sending, receiving and managing your network fax traffic. By integrating into existing email systems, RelayFax provides full faxing capabillities. This demo is archived under fax server, server category.

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Joy fax Server

Joyfax Server is a designed client/server-based application that makes sending and receiving a fax more efficient, simpler and cheaper. With the integration of Joyfax client and the Joy fax printer driver, faxing from any standard application will be as easy as printing. Due to the client/server architecture of Joyfax, all faxes are stored centralized on the fax server. This demo is archived under communications fax tools category.

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Win32 DLL, partially realizes HylaFAX API. High speed and the small size (20KB). Does not demand installation. Gives an opportunity of sending of facsimile messages from your applications, created by language of any level: C, FoxPro, Visual Basic, etc. Works with one of the best and freely distributed fax-server of an industrial class. - HylaFAX. It is not necessary to print the invoice on the printer and to bear to a fax machine. This shareware is archived under communications fax tools category.

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ActFax is designed for network-wide transmission and receipt of fax messages. Fax server software for PC networks with MS Office integration and support for Class one and Class two modems. Zetafax 8 offers a range of new user and administrator features including a redesigned fax client, a web client for easy network deployment and a new Corporate Edition specially for customers with 50 or more fax users.

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Calling-Us MAX Professional

ISDN Communication suite - Answering equipment,Voice-to-eMail, PC-Telephone, Call forwarding, Callback, Callthrough, etc. Please see for details! Internet demo Calling-Us MAX Professional is listed in communication, telephony, fax, voip tools.

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Snappy Fax Network Server

Network Fax Server manages incoming and outgoing faxes for network users. Includes fax filtering and fax forwarding. This business shareware Snappy Fax Network Server is categorized under utilities, fax.

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fax@NET Server

This software receives fax messages (modem and ISDN) and sends them via SMTP to your mailaccount. You can send your faxes easily via the WebClient, the fax@NET Printer or programmatically via a TCP socket communication. Utilities shareware fax@NET Server is listed in fax, faxsender, faxreceiver, fax to mail, servers, exchange, tools, mail, smtp, pop3 tools.

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GFI FAXmaker for Exchange/SMTP

Fax-enable your network users with GFI FAXmaker, the leading fax server for Exchange Server, Lotus and SMTP/POP3 servers. Without installing additional client software, users can send & receive faxes directly from Outlook or any other email clients.

Joyfax Server

Joy fax Server(Network Fax Server Software): Client/server based application(Fax software) allows you directly to send fax from desktop or other business applications(OA, CRM, and ERP), and receive fax in any computer. Internet demo Joyfax Server is listed in communications fax tools tools.


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